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Small Kitchen Appliances to Upgrade Your Countertops

If you love to cook at home, Williams Sonoma Canada has the perfect small kitchen appliances to enhance your kitchen. This collection includes everything from food processors for kitchen prep to air fryers for quick, delicious cooking. You'll also find electrics that are great for bakers, like stand mixers, as well as coffee and tea makers to ensure your mornings run smoother. Browse to find the best appliances to add to your kitchen and to give as gifts to friends and family.

Popular Kitchen Electrics For Ingredient Prep

Before you can put your premium cookware and bakeware to good use, you'll need to prep your ingredients. At Williams Sonoma Canada, you'll find a variety of small kitchen appliances that you can use to simplify the experience. Put away your kitchen knives and use a food processor to chop, slice, shred and dice your ingredients instead. These handy countertop appliances typically include several attachments to help you create perfectly uniform ingredient pieces. Other electrics that will come in handy while prepping meals and desserts include blenders for soups and sauces, pasta machines for homemade noodles and stand mixers for mixing sweet and savoury doughs and batters.

Popular Cooking and Baking Appliances

This collection also includes a range of electrics that will help you get delicious food on the table quickly and efficiently. Pick up a versatile toaster oven to help you toast bread, reheat leftovers, bake cookies and even roast a whole chicken without having to use your full-size oven. Some even include specialty cooking modes, like slow cook and air fry. A pressure cooker also makes a top addition to busy households. These cookers use pressure and steam to shorten cooking time, letting you boil, braise or steam ingredients quickly without sacrificing taste.

For healthier meals in a hurry, browse for indoor grills and air fryers. The electric grills let you grill meats and vegetables with your favourite spices and sauces. Some also work as panini presses for sandwiches or griddles for pancakes. Air fryers let you fry ingredients with little to no oil, allowing you to enjoy deliciously crispy meals, sides and desserts without needing an indulgent deep fryer.

Coffee and Tea Makers

Enjoy your morning beverage from the comfort of your kitchen by browsing for a new coffee maker. Keep it simple with single-serve coffee makers that use beans or coffee capsules, or make fancy barista-style drinks with French presses or espresso machines. If you want to really unleash your inner barista, add kitchen electrics like coffee grinders and milk frothers to enhance your coffee beverages. Premium tea kettles are also available for those who prefer tea in the morning.

Shop for small kitchen appliances at Williams Sonoma Canada to upgrade your cooking and baking collection. Choose from a variety of popular countertop electrics, including blenders, mixers, pressure cookers, air fryers, coffee makers and tea kettles. These premium appliances make great additions to any household and thoughtful gifts for anyone who likes to cook, bake or enjoy a warm beverage at home.