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GreenPan Appliances and Cookware Sets For Everyday Use and Entertaining

Known for its innovative ceramic nonstick coating, GreenPan™ is a beloved brand for anyone who wants to cook healthier meals at home. The GreenPan appliances and cookware sets at Williams Sonoma Canada all use this nonstick technology to great effect. Browse to find the best items to add to your kitchen.

GreenPan™ Electrics

With their durable nonstick finishes and generous capacities, the GreenPan appliances at Williams Sonoma Canada make a great addition to any household. They're perfect for everything from weeknight meals to big family dinners or special event cooking. Pick up one of each to add cooking versatility to your kitchen.

  • Six-quart slow cookers by GreenPan™ offer slow cook, brown, saute and steam settings, making it easy to cook dishes all in one pan. The clear display panel counts down the slow cooking time remaining and automatically switches to keep warm when the cycle is complete. You can also set it to the simmer/buffet setting to keep your dishes hot when serving a crowd.
  • Six-quart electric cooking pots by GreenPan™ come with ten preset programs, including stir-fry, steam, white rice, brown rice, soup and warm. You can also manually adjust the cooking time and temperature at any point in the cooking process to best suit your dish's needs.
  • Electric griddles by GreenPan™ offer a generous 20-inch by ten-inch grill and griddle surface for cooking meats, vegetables, pancakes and much more. The nonstick coating on the grill plate creates perfect grill marks and allows for easier cleanup.
  • Four-square waffle makers by GreenPan™ include two sets of specialized plates to make Belgian waffles or regular waffles. You can also adjust the shade and crunch settings to meet your taste preferences. These appliances have an overflow plate to catch spilled batter and dishwasher-safe pieces to ensure quick cleanup after breakfast.

GreenPan™ Cookware Sets

In addition to these useful, easy-to-use appliances, you can also find a wide variety of GreenPan™ pots and pans and cookware sets available at Williams Sonoma Canada. They come in a selection of sophisticated colour options that look great in any kitchen, with sleek stainless steel handles to give them modern flair. They all feature the company's famous nonstick coating, allowing for use with minimal oil. Choose from a range of complete ten- or 15-piece sets that include must-have items like fry pans, saucepans, saute pans, stock pots and more. These pots and pans, along with some specialty items, are also available individually to mix-and-match into custom cookware sets.

Shop for GreenPan appliances at Williams Sonoma Canada to unlock healthier cooking potential for your household. Choose from a variety of versatile options, including generously sized slow cookers and electric griddles. Add a set of GreenPan™ pots and pans, and you'll have everything you need to cook for your family or for a crowd.