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Cuisinart Appliances for Everyday Kitchen Greatness

When you're planning to stock your kitchen with superlative appliances, look to Cuisinart. With a range of small electrics that includes coffee makers, food processors and lots of fun stuff, like top-of-the-line ice cream makers, Cuisinart appliances take care of everything you need on your countertop. The stainless steel finish, paired with smooth black, looks amazing with just about any style of decor. Shop Williams Sonoma for a fantastic selection of Cuisinart products to bring home today.

What Is Cuisinart?

Usually, when people refer to Cuisinart as an object, they mean the food processor. That's what this brand is originally known for--and they still make superlative versions that home chefs just like you love.

Now, Cuisinart is also known for other small electrics. These appliances are aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and easy to use.

Start Your Day with Coffee Makers

Get your day off to a great start with Cuisinart coffee makers. An array of coffee machines handles any kind of caffeine jones, from your craving for a morning cup to your afternoon break or an after-dinner treat.

  • If you like freshly ground and brewed coffee, check out the burr grind coffee maker with a grinder built right into the machine.
  • For different temperatures, select a coffee maker that gives you options to customize your coffee as you like and keep it warm while you go handle other pressing business.
  • Cold brew is easier than ever with a special cold brew coffee maker that makes iced beverages with the perfect level of acidity and strength.
  • Single cup coffee makers are just right for when you only need a little bit of coffee for yourself or a friend.

Discover Food Processors

These high-quality food processors are where Cuisinart initially made their mark. Shop for food processors, plus kits to get even more exciting cuts.

  • If you use your food processor for large batch dishes or like to entertain, look for the 13-cup food processor. It runs quietly and handles all the ingredients you can get in there.
  • With most included attachments, you can grate or slice, too. This lets you do things like making homemade potato chips or hash browns.
  • Look into the durable kits Cuisinart offers for processors, so you can do things like spiralize vegetables.

Fun Appliances for You

When it's time for fun, check out lighthearted appliances that involve the whole family, like ice cream makers, grill presses for gooey sandwiches or a vertical waffle maker that saves space and makes clean up easy.