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Juicers and Blenders For Fresh, Homemade Juice

Drinking homemade fruit and vegetable juice is a great way to get many of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Browse for electric juicers at Williams Sonoma Canada to find the perfect countertop appliance to help you on your juicing journey. In addition to whole-food juicing devices, this collection also includes citrus juicing tools and blenders to round out your collection.

Breville Cold Juicing Machines

The electric juicers in this collection come from Breville, a trusted name in kitchen appliances since 1932. These premium appliances feature extra-large feed tubes that accept whole fruits and vegetables, so you have less chopping to do when preparing fresh juices. They use smart spinning technology to extract juice from your whole ingredients, using a specially designed method to keep temperatures low as the juice is extracted. By minimally heating your ingredients, they retain the maximum level of nutrients. They're then filtered through micro-mesh to separate pulp for premium taste.

Some models offer two settings, allowing you to effectively juice leafy greens and soft fruits at a lower speed and firm fruits and vegetables at a higher speed. The juice travels through the spout into the large juice jug that comes included, letting you juice large quantities at once. You can then store any leftovers in lidded cups or containers in the refrigerator.

Citrus Juicing Tools

A splash of fresh citrus makes a great addition to a variety of savoury dishes, desserts, beverages and more. Add a citrus juicing tool to your kitchen so you'll always have access to this fresh finishing touch. If you're looking for something simple and affordable, manual citrus presses are great options. Simply place a halved citrus fruit over the juicing tool and push down on the handles to release the juice.

If you use lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit juice a lot in your household, consider upgrading to an electric citrus juicing machine to save time. After cutting the fruit in half, you'll simply push down over the reamer and wait for the device to sense the pressure. It will then automatically juice the fruit, straining out seeds and pulp to give you fresh, ready-to-use liquid.

Premium Blenders

This collection also includes a range of premium Vitamix blenders that make great additions to any household. With their powerful motors and sharp blades, they can be used as whole-food juicers, but where they really excel is making smoothies. By using fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to make a delicious smoothie, you'll gain many of the same health benefits as homemade juice but with a different texture. Other top blender brands available include NutriBullet, Breville and Smeg.

Shop for juicers at Williams Sonoma Canada to help you turn your favourite whole fruits and vegetables into delicious juices. Choose from a variety of smart appliances from Breville that use high-speed spinning systems to extract juice without losing too many nutrients. Add other juicing and blender accessories to complete your collection.