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Panini Presses and Grills For Easy Indoor Grilling

If you love eating food fresh from the grill, you need an indoor electric grill in your household. These countertop appliances are available from top brands like Breville, Cuisinart, Williams Sonoma Canada and GreenPan™. With their nonstick grill pans, they'll help you to make delicious grilled sandwiches, grilled vegetables and meats and much more. Browse to find the best panini presses and grills to add to your home appliance collection.

Indoor Grills and Griddles

The indoor electric grills in this collection are compact enough to sit on just about any countertop for easy kitchen use. Unlike outdoor grills, which typically require propane or a similar fuel source, these grills are powered by standard outlets. They're available from popular brands like Breville, Cuisinart, Williams Sonoma Canada and GreenPan™, making it easy to coordinate your new appliance with your existing appliances and cookware essentials.

Most of the appliances in this collection can be used as a contact grill, which means that both sides of your ingredients will be cooked at once, similar to a waffle maker. This method is great for cooking paninis and other grilled sandwiches as well as cuts of meat. Since these panini presses are usually height adjustable, you're free to grill thick ingredients or sandwiches that are piled with fixings. The nonstick grill pans add classic grill marks to your dishes, with easy release for quick cleanup.

If you want to double your cooking surface, look for grills that can open flat. You can then use each of the grill pans to cook a different ingredient for your meal. Some models even offer individual temperature settings for each pan, making it easy to prepare foods that have vastly different cooking requirements.

Many indoor grills also include griddle pans that you can use interchangeably to expand your cooking options. These griddles have a smooth surface, similar to the one you'd find on an electric skillet. They excel at cooking pancakes, eggs, french toast and other foods that you'd usually use a skillet or fry pan to cook. You can even place a grill pan on one side and a griddle on the other to create the ultimate versatile indoor grilling station.

Shop for panini presses and grills at Williams Sonoma Canada to help you make delicious grilled sandwiches and other dishes. These versatile appliances are easy to operate and have nonstick plates for quick cleanup. Use them as contact grills for uniform cooking on both sides, or lay them flat to cook double the number of ingredients on the grill or griddle pans. With their incredible features, you're sure to reach for these grills every day.