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Ruffoni Cookware

The type of cookware you choose identifies you as a chef. It caters to your signature cooking style – and personality – creating an ambience that’s modern, playful, traditional or European chic. This is one of the reasons that most cooks have their favorite set of cookware. It makes you feel relaxed and especially innovative when cooking, inspiring you to try out new recipes and even conceive your own delicious creations. You learn the ins and outs of each pot and pan as well as how to use them to the max. At Williams-Sonoma, all of our professional-quality cookware is easy to fall in love with. Our Ruffoni cookware collection is distinctive and easy to recognize.


The first thing you – and your guests – probably notice is the exquisite hammered exterior of Ruffoni cookware. It’s a unique combination of smooth contours and carefully placed indentations that wrap around each piece. This creates a surface that reflects light brilliantly and shows off detailed patterns at the same time. The result is a genuine work of art like a beautiful metal vignette or mosaic. What makes it all the more amazing is that an expert artisan hammers every pot and pan by hand.


Ruffoni cookware brings a sense of tradition and history into your kitchen. The Ruffoni family has been creating handmade cookware for generations in the Italian Alps. It combines the knowledge and experience of world-renowned craftsmen with the quality associated with fine European restaurants. If you want to infuse your kitchen with a luxurious Italian feel, Ruffoni’s copper or stainless-steel pieces are a good way to do it.


Another common theme from the vineyards and countryside areas of Italy is rustic charm. Entire families gather together to celebrate a bountiful harvest, important moments and just because they want to. It’s not surprising that Ruffoni cookware caters to that kind of family atmosphere. Large stockpots, sauté pans, braisers and roasters are designed to accommodate your immediate family as well as friends and relatives that happen to pop in. They’re easy to pass around the table family-style so everyone can enjoy as much of your delicious home-cooked cuisine as they want.


Taking meals straight from the kitchen to the dining room for serving has several advantages. First of all, it’s means a lot less footwork on your part. Instead of carrying six or more plated dishes, you usually only need to bring one or two pots to the table. Another plus is the anticipation you create in your guests and their palates. Just the sight of sleek cookware gets them intrigued as to what’s inside. Then, when you remove the lid, the full aroma and vapor that have been concentrating flavor get released into the air. Don’t be surprised if the people around you lick their lips in delight.


Ruffoni cookware excels at kitchen-to-table service. It’s durable and versatile for stove top and oven culinary creations but also breathtakingly immaculate for showing off at the dining table or on a buffet. There are two aspects that usually capture guests’ attention immediately. First is the radiant surface with its brilliant colors. Copper turns heads anywhere because of its reddish tones and glow. Hammered stainless-steel is fashionable and sleek with an appearance like platinum. Handmade finials with intricate details are another bold statement that gets people talking.


If you are not sure whether stainless-steel or copper Ruffoni cookware is right for your kitchen, there are a few things that can help you decide. Copper cookware brings a little bit of Paris into your kitchen, and stainless-steel has a more modern and light appearance. When it comes to cooking, some of the advantages of layered stainless-steel cookware are its high temperature resistance, easy maintenance, even cooking and long-lasting shine. Copper, which has a nonreactive tin inner layer, is prized by chefs for precise temperature control, quick heating and excellent heat conductivity and distribution. That means it heats to the point you want but also cools off quickly when necessary.