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Air Fryers and Accessories For Crispy Cooking

If you love the taste of deep-fried dishes but want something healthier, you need an air frying machine in your kitchen. The air fryers at Williams Sonoma Canada are designed to circulate hot air quickly and thoroughly, effectively cooking your ingredients and ensuring the exteriors get deliciously crispy while using minimal oil. Browse to find the best appliances and accessories to help you create healthier meals, sides, snacks and desserts.

Air Frying Appliances

While there are a few classic deep fryers to choose from, most of the appliances in this collection rely on hot air, not oil, to do the cooking. Some also offer extra cooking features to bring added versatility to your kitchen countertops. Choose from a variety of bestselling options available from top brands like Philips, Breville and Instant Pot®.

  • Standard air fryers typically have a three- to seven-quart capacity and feature large baskets for frying. They have button or touchscreen displays that let you select the time and temperature. Most also include some preset options to save you time.
  • Toaster ovens with air frying modes are great for busy households. These miniature ovens come in various size options and have a large viewing window that lets you check on the cooking progress. In addition to air fry mode, you can also use them to toast, roast, bake and more.
  • Pressure cookers with air frying modes are perfect for quick weeknight meals. Use the specialty air fry lid to fry meals and snacks with minimal oil, or switch to the standard pressure cooker lid to create flavourful soups, fall-off-the-bone roasts and more in half the time.

Must-Have Air Frying Accessories

Unlike deep fryers, air frying appliances can be fitted with a variety of accessories that add versatility. Start by picking up a simple rack to double the cooking surface, allowing you to cook twice the amount of food at once. You can also find nonstick grill pans to help you make fish, steak and vegetables and stainless steel skewers for making vegetable and meat kabobs. Other options include silicone cups that make uniform, bite-sized snacks, like muffins and egg bites. Large silicone loaf pans are available too for bread, meatloaf and cakes. Be sure to browse for a few specialty fryer seasoning blends by Williams Sonoma Canada to round out your collection. Options include tangy buffalo and buttermilk black pepper blends for ultra-crispy fried chicken.

Shop for air fryers at Williams Sonoma Canada to help you cook crispy, delicious meals, sides, snacks and desserts with minimal oil. Choose from a variety of bestselling appliances, like classic fryers or versatile toaster ovens with air frying modes. Add accessories, like extra pans and seasoning blends, and you'll have everything you need to fry your favourite ingredients in a healthy way.