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Add a Special Touch to Your Meals With Gourmet Spices

The right spices can make all the difference for your meals, so make sure you're stocked up on decadent gourmet spices, courtesy of Williams Sonoma Canada. Gourmet spices help you unlock the flavours of your foods, and when you have gourmet seasonings on hand in your pantry, you'll be able to craft exciting new dishes. Pick up gourmet seasonings that you'll love experimenting with, like herbs du Provence, Italian herbs, cumin, savoury spices and more. There are also gourmet herbs and gourmet seasonings available for special dishes, like pizza spices, meat rubs, guacamole seasoning and more.

And if you're cooking with an air fryer, you won't want to miss out on specially crafted gourmet spices that are perfect for your air fryer dishes. From buffalo seasoning to buttermilk black pepper, your air fryer cooking will taste better than ever. And don't forget to bring home other gourmet seasonings, like salt and pepper. With whole peppercorn options, hand-harvested sea salt and tasty salt and pepper sets, you'll have all your spice essentials ready to go. For gourmet seasonings and much more, Williams Sonoma Canada has just what your dishes need.

Stock Your Pantry With the Best

A well-stocked pantry means that you'll be ready to craft delicious meals for family and friends, no matter what you feel like eating. After grabbing gourmet spices, stock up on other pantry essential items, like gravy, stuffing and side dishes. And be sure that your prepared meals are served with the proper condiments. From honey mustard to chillies, jams, peanut sauces and more, your meals are sure to taste better when accompanied by delicious condiments.

You can also pick up some family favourites, like pasta and pasta sauces, as well as pizza-making essentials. There's nothing quite like the taste of homemade pizza, and Williams Sonoma Canada has everything you'll need to get going. From pizza crust mixes to decadent sauces, chilli oil and more, your family is going to love the experience of homemade pizza. And if you're not sure where to get started or you're looking for fresh ideas for your kitchen, be sure to pick up a few recipe books. Choose from fun and easy recipe books that have been specially crafted by your favourite celebrity chefs and also find other picks that focus on specific dishes, styles of cooking, one-pot meals and more. Enjoy cooking delicious meals in your kitchen after bringing home everything you need from Williams Sonoma Canada.