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Breville Kitchen Appliances You Need in Your Kitchen

Cooking at home is much easier when you have the right tools in your kitchen. The Breville kitchen appliances at Williams Sonoma Canada are specially designed to save you time while making healthy meals, snacks and desserts. This collection also includes premium coffee and tea makers for easier mornings. Browse to find the best Breville electrics to use in your household.

Small Breville Appliances

Since 1932, the Australian brand Breville has strived for innovation in the home appliance sector. When browsing the Breville appliances available at Williams Sonoma Canada, you'll find proof of these decades of innovation through the premium features they offer. These countertop electrics make it easy to cook and bake delicious dishes at home.

  • Breville toaster ovens let you roast, toast, bake and reheat on your countertop. Some even double as air fryers, slow cookers and dehydrators.
  • Breville toasters come in two- or four-slice options to help you toast bread, bagels and other baked goods for your morning meal.
  • Breville electric food processors allow you to slice, shred and dice ingredients in minutes. These 12- or 16-cup processors feature powerful motors and sharp blade attachments.
  • Breville microwaves are must-haves for busy households. They typically include smart features like shortcut buttons for reheating pizza, making popcorn, defrosting ingredients and more.
  • Breville panini presses and grills let you make hot, crispy sandwiches, grilled meats, grilled vegetables and more. Some also include specialty plates that turn one side into a griddle.
  • Breville blenders turn fruits, vegetables and other ingredients into healthy and delicious sauces, soups, smoothies and more. They feature durable stainless steel blades and powerful motors that help you achieve the ideal blended textures.
  • Other Breville kitchen appliances available include waffle makers, juicers and pizza makers.

Breville Coffee and Tea Makers

Breville is also well known for its coffee machines. At Williams Sonoma Canada, you'll find everything from simple drip coffee makers for busy households to specialty espresso machines for true coffee enthusiasts. Some models include built-in coffee grinders and milk frothers, but these accessories are available separately too.

If you prefer pour-over coffee or tea, Breville also offers a range of innovative electric kettles. The advanced models feature electronic control panels that let you set your preferred water temperature, making it easy to properly brew your favourite tea varieties. They also include features like extra-wide lids for filling and cleaning, keep warm settings and automatic shutoff for peace of mind.

Shop for Breville kitchen appliances at Williams Sonoma Canada to find bestselling countertop appliances, like toaster ovens, food processors and grills. These premium electrics will help you to cook and bake delicious meals, sides and desserts quickly and easily. And with coffee and espresso makers, electric kettles and coffee accessories also available, you'll have everything you need on your countertops to take on every day.