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Electric Blenders and Other Blending Tools

If you love making homemade smoothies, soups and other blended meals, you need the right appliance in your kitchen. The electric blenders at Williams Sonoma Canada are designed with powerful blades and motors to help you give any ingredients a perfectly smooth texture. Browse to find the best options to use in your household.

Premium Blending Units

The electric blenders in this collection are available from top brands like Vitamix, Breville and KitchenAid. They include high-capacity blending containers that accommodate large quantities of ingredients, making it easy to prep for a crowd. Their sharp, durable blades help to bring any ingredients to the perfect texture for your recipe. Most of these appliances offer preset buttons for different applications, so you can enjoy easy access to the right settings. If you're looking for an appliance that you can use for blended soups, be sure to choose one that can accommodate hot ingredients.

Personal Blending Appliances

If you plan to primarily use your blending appliance for making protein shakes and smoothies, consider picking up a personal-sized model. These compact appliances are available from top brands like Zwilling and NutriBullet. They come with blending cups that you can fill with your favourite ingredients and have durable blades for easy blending. These sets also include cup lids or comfort lip rings, allowing you to blend and drink from the same cup.

If you already have a countertop Vitamix blender, you can easily add a personal cup attachment, available separately, to give you the best of both worlds. These blender cups attach to your Vitamix base and come with lids to enable on-the-go drinking after blending. Mini blending bowls are also available to let you make small batches of dips, dressings and sauces.

Immersion Blending Tools

Another top blending tool that all households need is the immersion blender. These tools are available from bestselling brands like Breville, All-Clad and Cuisinart. They feature easy-grip handles that you'll hold upright for direct blending in a mixing bowl, soup pot or other pots and pans. The power button and speed settings are located on the handle, allowing for easy operation. Their bell-shaped blending bases are specially designed to reduce suction for more precise and efficient blending. Most models also feature non-stick bases that won't scratch your cookware.

Shop for electric blenders at Williams Sonoma Canada to help you turn basic ingredients into creamy smoothies, delicious soups, flavourful sauces and much more. Choose from a variety of high-capacity countertop models for serving a crowd or personal-sized models for single-serving blending. You can also pick up an immersion blender to let you puree dishes directly in your cooking pots.