Homekeeping Registry Guide

Wedding and gift registry

Make the most of your shared space with our homekeeping essentials. Use this
handy guide to find everything you need for a clean, well-organized house.

Get Organized

Simplify your life by organizing everyday spaces like your kitchen, pantry and utility room. Check out each area, then decide how you can streamline frequent tasks by storing certain things together – or always having them within easy reach.

Modern Kitchen Classics

Coordinate your kitchen with our stylish storage essentials for countertops, drawers, cupboards and more. Choose complementary pieces made of everything from classic marble, ceramic and glass to gleaming metals and natural woods.

Seasonal Sensations

To give your kitchen a quick, easy update, try switching out basics like towels, mitts, potholders and aprons. These essentials come in lots of colors and patterns that make it simple to bring home the beauty of every season.

Keep It Clean

Keep your home sparkling clean by registering for basic gear that simplifies everyday tasks – from dishwashing tools to vacuum cleaners and laundry essentials. To naturally refresh your kitchen, add our uplifting essential oil soaps and household cleaners.

The Necessities

Homekeeping basics for the way you live
Soaps & Lotions >

Inspired by the natural scents we love in the kitchen, our exclusive soaps and lotions are designed to refresh any room in your home. Made from the best plant-based ingredients, our signature collections get their clean, delicate aromas from pure essential oils.

Consider This:

Choose aromatic botanical soaps, cleaners and hand lotions for natural cleansing and refreshing. To welcome guests, register for sets that include soothing hand soap, rich lotion and fragrant candles.

Kitchen Towels >

Great towels are kitchen essentials you'll use every day. Ours are woven of soft, sturdy fabrics that are designed to stand up to everyday use – and they come in lots of beautiful colors and designs.

Consider This:

Choose thick, absorbent cotton towels for drying dishes and mopping up spills – they're also ideal for the bar. Waffleweave towels are just what you need for washing dishes. Linen towels are lint-free, so they're perfect for drying and polishing glassware.

Aprons >

Our colorful aprons are great to wear for everything from cooking, baking and grilling to chatting with guests while you put the finishing touches on dinner. And they're adjustable for a comfortable, customized fit.

Consider This:

If you're planning on hosting holiday celebrations and other fun get-togethers, think about registering for extra aprons for guests who like to help out in the kitchen – including kid-sized aprons for budding young chefs.

Oven Mitts & Potholders >

Whether you're cooking, baking or grilling, you'll need sturdy mitts and potholders. For the ultimate durability and performance, most of ours are quilted with heavyweight cotton twill on the outside and thick cotton terry inside.

Consider This:

Oven mitts are essential for baking. If you like to grill, you'll also need a high-heat mitt that's long enough to protect your forearms. For everyday cooking, always keep a few potholders within easy reach.

Irons & Laundry >

Laundry is a part of life – and with the right equipment, it's simple to fit this basic task into your busy schedule. Make taking care of your clothes and household essentials easier by registering for a state-of-the-art iron and steamer, plus a hamper and drying rack.

Consider This:

A good iron is a utility room basic. For quick touch-ups, use a portable steamer. If you'll be pressing lots of household linens, you may want to opt for a rotary iron or iron-and-steamer system.

Vacuums >

We feature Miele vacuums that are designed to clean and refresh your entire home environment. As they clean every surface, these quiet German machines purify the air you breathe. Sealed filtration systems have HEPA filters, so dust particles and allergens won’t leak back into your home.

Consider This:

If your household will include furry creatures, choose a vacuum that's designed to handle pet hair and dander. And for any home, it's also helpful to have an ultra-portable, lightweight vacuum on hand for quick cleanups.

Dish Racks & Brushes >

When it comes to everyday dishwashing, you need basics that are sturdy, efficient and smartly designed—so we've engineered ours to be exactly that. Our dish racks hold lots of tableware and glasses, plus prep bowls and cookware – and have a removable basket for flatware.

Consider This:

Even though you'll probably be using a dishwasher most of the time, it's a good idea to register for cleaning brushes and drying racks for hand-washing delicate items.

Countertop Storage >

We make it fun and easy to keep your kitchen in apple-pie order – explore our versatile kitchen storage solutions in a great selection of materials, styles and colors.

Consider This:

Think about what you like to keep out on the countertop (as opposed to in a cupboard, drawer or pantry), then choose organizers accordingly. Most cooks like to register for food storage canisters, plus holders for frequently used tools, utensils and accessories.

Drawer Organizers >

Keep your favorite kitchen essentials organized and within easy reach with our convenient in-drawer storage solutions. A great way to free up valuable space on your countertop, these sturdy, well-designed pieces hold tools, utensils and other basics.

Consider This:

Expandable trays adjust to fit your space, so they're always a great choice. Or opt for a portable organizer that goes right from the drawer to your countertop – ideal for holding essential gear for cooking or baking projects.

Food Storage Containers >

The more you cook, the more you realize that prepping ingredients in advance makes life a lot easier – and that leftovers are a godsend when you need to whip up a quick meal. Keep everything ready for action with our food storage solutions.

Consider This:

Customized containers are great for your fridge, freezer, pantry and countertop. Register for containers that will keep all your favorites fresh – from staples like sugar, grains and pasta to prepped ingredients and leftovers.

Trash & Recycling >

Okay, we know taking out the trash and sorting the recycling aren't the most glamorous parts of life. But they're essential tasks for taking care of our homes – and the planet. Make them easier by registering for sleek, functional trash cans and recycling containers.

Consider This:

If you like to garden, register for a handy countertop compost pail for kitchen scraps. And if you have pets, choose a pet food bin that coordinates with your trash and recycling containers.

Mats & Rugs >

Beautiful, functional floor coverings are simple ways to accessorize your kitchen, entryway or utility room. Customize your space with a mat or small rug that adds color and style – or choose one that's also made for pure comfort.

Consider This:

Create a statement entryway look with a signature doormat (many can be monogrammed). Or add comfort and beauty to your kitchen or utility room with a colorful cushioned wellness mat.