Dinnerware Registry Guide

Wedding and gift registry

Your wedding registry is a great opportunity to build a complete collection of
beautiful place settings—and create the ultimate table for any occasion. Read
on for our recommendations.


Register for at least 12 place settings, so you can easily host meals on special occasions. A 5-piece place setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, soup/pasta bowl, cup and saucer. A 4-piece place setting substitutes a mug for the cup and saucer.


Keep dinner parties in mind. Be sure your registry includes appetizer, salad and dessert plates, so you won't need to wash plates between courses.


Consider choosing traditional white dinnerware for your registry's place settings. These timeless pieces are great for both casual and formal dining, creating a classic showcase for your favorite foods.


Be sure your dinnerware registry includes everything you need to serve your favorite drinks—from sturdy mugs for morning beverages to classic cups and saucers for after-dinner coffee or tea.


Change up the look of your table settings with colored or patterned plates, linens and serveware. Add your favorite pieces to your registry, then build your collection over time.

Materials & Care

Choose the right material for the task

The choice of professional chefs, porcelain
dinnerware is beautiful, versatile—and
exceptionally durable. Except for styles
decorated with gold or silver, it's ovenproof, microwavable and dishwasher safe.


Stoneware is made from coarser clays than porcelain, so it has a more casual appearance.
This multitasking dinnerware is dishwasher
safe—and usually is ovenproof and


Famous for a rustic, artisanal look, classic earthenware pieces are often hand-painted in brilliant colors. They're typically dishwasher
safe, but we recommend hand-washing to
preserve their unique beauty.


As sturdy as it is beautiful, our shatterproof melamine dinnerware will breeze its way
through season after season of great meals,
indoors or out. It's dishwasher safe, but not recommended for microwave use.

The Necessities

Create the perfect table for any occasion
Dinner Plate >

Dinner plates are traditionally used to serve the
main course. The large size is perfect for presenting your entree, along with any accompanying side
dishes. These pieces are mealtime essentials all
day long—whether you're serving at the dining table or from a buffet.

You'll use versatile dinner plates for everyday
meals, as well as gatherings with family and friends. Think about registering for a supply of basic white plates, along with colorful pieces for mixing and matching.

(Suggested Quantity: 24)

Salad/Dessert Plate >

These ultra-versatile pieces are slightly smaller
than traditional dinner plates, perfect for serving everything from salads, appetizers and first courses
to desserts. They also provide great presentation for breakfast pastries or a lunchtime sandwich.

Our multitasking plates are designed for layering, mixing and matching. Register for a variety of colors and patterns to create beautiful table settings all
your own.

(Suggested Quantity: 24)

Cup & Saucer >

When you want to provide classic service for everyone's favorite hot beverage, our coordinating cups and saucers guarantee stylish presentation. They're great for serving everything from fresh-brewed coffee and tea to rich, creamy hot chocolate.

When you're hosting casual parties, the saucers can also double as small plates for appetizers or desserts.

(Suggested Quantity: 12)

Charger >

Chargers give you the perfect chance to make a creative statement at the table. Layer them underneath dinner plates for a decorative element
—or use them as all-purpose plates on a buffet. You can also put chargers to work as platters for serving appetizers or desserts.

If you're registering for classic white dinnerware, consider supplementing your gift list with chargers
in a variety of colors and patterns.

(Suggested Quantity: 12)

Appetizer Plate >

These versatile little plates are a party-giver's essential—great for serving all the small bites that accompany wine and cocktails. Count on them to provide beautiful presentation for appetizers, tapas, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and other light fare.

Since appetizers and other small bites are often served away from the dining table, think about registering for fun colors and patterns that will liven up your parties.

(Suggested Quantity: 12 - 24)

Soup/Salad Bowl >

These wide, shallow bowls are tabletop classics, perfect for serving all sorts of hearty dishes. Use them for everything from soups and stews to seasonal salads. These essential bowls also provide traditional presentation for pasta, risotto and polenta.

Today's diners enjoy all sorts of foods presented in a beautiful bowl. If you're planning to serve soup, salad and/or pasta at the same meal, register for enough bowls so that you won't need to wash dishes between courses.

(Suggested Quantity: 12)

Cereal Bowl >

These classic multipurpose bowls give you versatile options for every meal—from breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert. They're great for serving cereal, oatmeal, yogurt and fresh fruits, as well as soups, stews and steamed rice. The versatile bowls also work well for ice cream and sundaes.

Looking for another great use? Cereal bowls are the perfect size to double as casual serving pieces for party snacks like nuts, olives and bar crackers.

(Suggested Quantity: 8 - 12)

Dipping Bowl >

In addition to being an essential for your dinnertime gatherings, these versatile little bowls are great for cocktail parties. Count on them for serving artisan olive oils, dipping sauces and other condiments. They're also ideal for serving petite portions of your favorite nibbles—from olives to salted nuts.

Dipping bowls are a great value—and come in lots of fun shapes, colors and sizes. Add a few styles to your registry to make hosting parties a breeze.

(Suggested Quantity: 8 - 12)

Bread & Butter Plate >

These petite plates are a traditional part of formal table settings, but also work well for casual meals. They're perfectly sized to hold a roll or slices of bread, along with a pat of butter. Use them for individual servings of baked goods—hot, buttered toast to breakfast pastries and muffins.

The small, manageable size of these plates also makes them ideal for serving appetizers at cocktail parties.

(Suggested Quantity: 12 - 24)

Butter Dish >

A butter dish provides beautiful presentation at the dining table. Topped with its domed cover, it can also be used to store fresh butter in the fridge.

If you're planning to host larger gatherings, it's a
good idea to register for two butter dishes so they'll
be handy for all the diners at the table.

(Suggested Quantity: 1 - 2)

Sauce/Gravy Boat >

This graceful piece is the serveware of choice for everything from savory sauces and homemade gravies to sweet dessert sauces and morning maple syrup. A pouring spout makes it easy for diners to help themselves to the perfect amount.

For large dinner parties or holiday celebrations, you might want to register for two sauce/gravy boats—one for either end of the table. If you're serving more than one kind of sauce or gravy at the same meal, having extras is always a good idea.

(Suggested Quantity: 2)

Bread Basket >

A ceramic basket is the perfect way to serve fresh-baked favorites. Gently preheat the basket in the oven, then fill it with baked goods wrapped in a cloth napkin—they'll stay deliciously warm throughout your meal.

Just right for serving breads, rolls, muffins and other baked goods, our ceramic baskets come in a variety of beautiful colors. Consider registering for several to coordinate with your signature table settings.

(Suggested Quantity: 2)

Cream & Sugar Bowl >

A cream pitcher and sugar bowl are classics for completing your table service. Use them for presenting the traditional accompaniments to morning or after-dinner coffee—or afternoon tea. They're typically used for serving sugar and cream or milk, but the creamer can also double as a pitcher for maple syrup.

If you frequently have guests, you might want to register for two creamers and sugar bowls—a casual combo for breakfast or brunch and a more sophisticated set for serving coffee after a dinner party.

Espresso Cups >

Also known as demitasses, espresso cups hold
perfect portions of rich, aromatic espresso—usually either one or two freshly brewed shots. A petite
saucer underneath the cup is a traditional partner.

Espresso cups can often double as adorable serving pieces for individual desserts, such as classic French pots de crèmes.

(Suggested Quantity: 12)

Teapot >

For centuries, tea lovers have relied on beautiful pots to brew their favorite teas and keep them warm at the table. These classic pieces are great for infusing and serving traditional and herbal tea blends, as well as fragrant tisanes.

Teapots come in a variety of gorgeous materials—from glass and ceramic to gleaming stainless steel. Some also include infusers for brewing.