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Charger Plates Make Any Meal Feel Special

Charger plates have both practical and aesthetic functions in any tablescape. Often called service plates, chargers remain on the table until after the entrée has been served and should be cleared before dessert. Practically speaking, chargers help catch spills, thereby reducing the chances that your tablecloth will get stained. They can also help protect your table and your guest's hands from exceptionally hot dishes. While there are clear practical reasons to use chargers, their primary purpose is really to add colour, texture and style to the table. They also make your guests feel special by indicating that you took time and care to create a beautiful setting for a shared meal. Whether you're setting a formal table or preparing for a more casual meal, having chargers in place before dinner is served keeps the table from looking bare and ensures that your guests are greeted with a beautiful tablescape.

The Details

While charger plates often indicate a formal dining experience, they can also be used to great effect in more casual settings. Chargers come in a wide variety of materials, so it's easy to dress your table up with a silver-plated or hammered copper charger or keep things more relaxed with wooden or rattan chargers. Of course, the other tabletop accessories will also help establish the evening's ambiance. Using candles and an elaborate centerpiece will set one tone, while laying out a simple runner and a couple of mason jars stuffed with flowers from the garden will set another. In both settings, the right charger plates will help the table feel grounded and more cohesive. Here are a few of the chargers you can use to make your next dinner feel just a bit more special:

  • Light Woven Charger Plate - Bring a natural touch to your table with this casually elegant charger, which is hand-woven from Lombok rattan. The charger features an easy-care lacquer finish and a shallow indentation that helps keep a standard-size dinner plate in place.
  • MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Charger Plate - Bring all the colour and joy of a country garden to your table with this charger, which features hand-applied floral appliques and a creamy white glaze. Crafted of enameled heavy-gauge steel, these chargers are as durable as they are beautiful.
  • Antique Brass Charger - Crafted of stainless steel with gold plating and a lacquer finish, these chargers bring warmth, beauty and a hint of luxury to any table. Each piece is antiqued and hammered by hand, so no two are the same.
  • Pillivuyt Plisse Gold Porcelain Charger - These durable, high-fired porcelain chargers feature subtle, hand-painted gold rims. These French-made chargers boast an elegant simplicity that ensures they'll mix easily with a variety of solid-coloured and patterned serving pieces.