Glassware Buying Guide

Stemware Care

Follow these steps to keep your stemware clean


Wash your glasses under warm water—detergent is not necessary.


Place the glasses on a linen towel to dry briefly.


For extra shine, steam the glasses over boiling water.


To dry the glasses, use two absorbent flour sack towels. Hold each glass by the base, being careful not to twist the base and bowl.

Step 5

For perfect results, use one hand to cradle the bowl while gently polishing with the other.

All the Essentials

Create the right glass for the task

Tumblers & Drinking Glasses

Tumblers and other drinking glasses are everyday essentials. For plenty of creative options, you'll find this durable, versatile glassware in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colours. Some are crafted of tempered glass, which makes them perfect for both hot and cold beverages.

Red Wine Glasses

Count on these glasses to showcase your favourite red wines – from an assertive Cabernet to a mellow Merlot, classic Pinot Noir or full-bodied Zinfandel. The large bowl is customized to highlight unique flavours as it allows the wine's full bouquet to develop, eliciting every nuance of distinctive aromas.

White Wine Glasses

These glasses are designed to enhance your favourite white wines – from a dry Chardonnay or crisp Sauvignon Blanc to a bright, fruity Riesling. The customized bowl showcases the wine's distinctive flavours and aromas, while the tall stem keeps the bowl from being warmed by your hand.

Stemless Wine Glasses

These ultra-versatile wine glasses are great for both casual gatherings and relaxed everyday sipping. The stemless bowls have a classic shape that enhances the flavour, aroma and enjoyment of all your favourite wines, including reds, whites and rosés.

Champagne Flutes

The elegant silhouette of a tall, slender Champagne flute is designed to highlight the legendary sparkling wine's distinctive bouquet – and preserve its festive bubbles. Use it for serving French Champagnes and other sparkling wines, as well as cocktails featuring either of these classics.

Wine & Spirit Decanters

Decanters are a time-honoured way to aerate wines, a technique that enhances both red and white varietals. They're also used for pouring and serving wine at the table. Designed to showcase the beautiful colour of fine liquors, spirit decanters are intended for presentation and serving.


Also known as rocks glass, this short, wide glass is a cocktail hour favourite – great for all sorts of classic drinks (including the old-fashioned, from which it derives its name). Use it for serving spirits or cocktails over ice, as well as fruit juice, milk and other soft drinks.


A highball glass has long been a traditional part of the cocktail hour. Its tall, slender shape is great for serving cocktails like mojitos, Caesars, screwdrivers and gin-and-tonics. Or use this versatile glass for nonalcoholic refreshers like sodas, lemonade and iced tea.

Martini & Coupe

The iconic martini glass is known for its flared conical bowl and a slender, elegant stem that keeps your hand from warming your drink. Use it for classic cocktails like martinis, cosmopolitans and gimlets. A gracefully curved coupe glass is ideal for serving champagne, sparkling wines and cocktails alike.


Use these stemmed glasses to serve margaritas – blended, straight-up or on the rocks. Wide, shallow bowls have thick rims to hold the sea salt garnish, while stems keep your hands from warming the frosty cocktail. Available in classic glass and ultra-durable polycarbonate versions.

Beer Glasses

From tall, tapering glasses to sturdy mugs, this versatile glassware is just what you need for serving for beers, ales, porters and stouts, either bottled or fresh from the tap. Choose all-purpose mugs or pint glasses – or opt for styles designed for specific varieties, such as pilsners, IPAs and wheat beers.

Drink Dispensers & Pitchers

Classic pitchers and beverage dispensers make it easy for everyone to help themselves. Great for use indoors or out, they're just right for serving all sorts of cool, refreshing drinks – from iced tea, lemonade and infused waters to sangria and margaritas.

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