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Serving Up Crisp Salads & More With Salad Bowls

When it comes to entertaining, having a large salad bowl (or two) is a must. Easy to pass around a dinner table, a salad bowl and salad servers are a quintessential part of any family meal, backyard barbecue or potluck. We've curated a collection of salad bowls and serving bowls to suit any dinnerware aesthetic. Whether you want to draw in the warm, natural styles of wood or you prefer the crisp, clean design that white porcelain can bring, you're sure to discover your new favorite salad bowl with us at Williams Sonoma Canada.

Choosing Salad Bowls

When it comes to choosing the right bowl, decide what's most important to you. Do you want a salad bowl that comes with servers? Or do you just need to top up your existing bowl with a new set of servers? We also feature soup bowls, pasta bowls, snack bowls and ice cream bowls, ensuring that there's something to suit any and every type of food and occasion.

Shapes & Sizes

Think about the shapes that inspire you. Do you like round, shallow bowls? Or do you appreciate the contemporary design of a hand-painted serving bowl that comes finished with organic textural elements? Trifle bowls feature a pedestal design that makes an elegant presentation on any table. Add whimsical detail with one of our sculptural bunny bowls or grace your next dinner gathering with our elegant lion's head soup bowls and tureen set.

Colours & Patterns

From weathered designs that imbue rustic charm to floral-themed prints, from zesty lemons to ornate medallion patterns, our salad bowl collection runs the field with an array of exciting patterns. Go for something tried-and-true with a white bowl that offers versatile style and crisp, clean detail. Wood infuses natural tan, beige and brown hues, while our printed bowls come in snappy blues, greens, yellows, reds and more. For all-around elegance, go with a clear glass bowl that lets your salads, soups and desserts provide colourful flair at the table.


When you want something that heralds timeless elegance, look no further than salad bowls made with porcelain or reactive glazed stoneware. For outdoor entertaining, our shatter- and scratch-resistant melamine pieces are exceptional choices. Infuse mealtime with the warm, smooth designs of our wood pieces that are made from olivewood, teak or walnut. Explore new materials with nito, a tropical vine that come woven together for an inventive textured look.

Dinner Party Essentials

After you've selected your salad bowls and salad servers, why not take a look at our other dinnerware essentials? Get ready for a party with a selection from our entertaining collections. Don't forget to showcase your modern aesthetic at the dinner table with something from our table decor and centerpieces. Make your very own refreshing and cool treats to put in your new ice cream bowls with one or two of our ice cream starters. Whether you're a mint chip fan or a chocolate lover through and through, we have plenty of flavour options to get you started.