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Monogrammed cutlery and accessories are ideal gifts for new couples, families and chefs. If you work or study in a busy work or school kitchen, having a way to identify your knife at the end of the day is almost a requirement. The beauty, functionality and personalization of a monogrammed knife make it a gift that will be used often by the person lucky enough to receive it. Williams-Sonoma offers an extensive collection of individual knives, cutting boards, cutlery sets, knife storage and other accessories that can be personalized with names or monograms. Whether you need a special gift for a shower, birthday or graduation or you simply need a great gift for a committed foodie youʼll please your special loved one with a set of monogrammed prep knives or a knife roll.

The Boos Round Cutting Board is one example of an everyday item that becomes a wonderful presentation piece with some burnished initials added. The round block features a drip collector and a steel band around the edge with easy-to-grip handles for moving from prep to pot. Like many of our cutting blocks and boards itʼs made of solid wood, food-safe finishes and materials designed to last and perform for many years. Choose from a full-name personalization in elegant block letters, or join a coupleʼs initials to create a two- or three-letter monogram. You can use the same font and style on knife blades, plates and glassware.

Elegant carving sets in presentation cases make lovely gifts for the grill lover, and the two-piece sets include fork and knife with ergonomic handles and room for a bold monogram. Retirees and new graduates alike appreciate grill and hostʼs tools with a luxurious touch. Meat-and-potato aficionados will adore steak knife sets with Japanese and German designs. Include some outdoor platters and dinnerware to catch and eat those juicy steaks right off the grill.

Santoku and Nakiri knives are popular among professional cooks and home chefs due to the multipurpose designs and quality construction. We offer several styles of these versatile tools and each can be personalized with initials or name in your style of fonts. The Santoku knife is known for the chestnut-shaped cross-section of the handle and its ability to slice, chop and cleave. Most styles feature indentations to help the blade cleanly glide through more viscous or stringier foods. Add a paring knife, bread knife and filet knife to a Santoku and you or your gift recipient has a starter set to help with learning new kitchen techniques and prep skills from your favourite cookbooks and cooking shows.

A fancy new knife roll is one of the most beloved gifts a culinary school graduate can receive. We have leather and canvas styles that are timeless artisan pieces with room to pack up a full knife set, honing stone and small implements and transport them safely and conveniently. A leather carry strap makes the knife roll portable while the stainless-steel support bar keeps knives from bending. Chefs and cooks who want more colour in their lives will love one of the padded nylon canvas knife rolls in houndstooth, red, camo print or black. These waterproof knife rolls are also great for hunting camp, catering crews and RVs, and they can be personalized to take along on camping trips and cookouts.

Donʼt forget the kids; order them their own cutting boards that you can personalize with their names or initials. Choose from lightweight boards they can move around the kitchen as they prepare their own lunches or boards designed to hold an iPad when reading a special recipe. Kids love rolling dough, cutting out cookies and helping prep fresh foods, and budding young chefs will be thrilled having their own dedicated cutting boards to go with their junior-sized cooking tools and knife sets. A special kids font is available in our monogram section, or choose a more elegant or modern font when personalizing cutting boards or other items for older kids.