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Shop the Professional Quality Kitchen Knives Selection Available at Williams Sonoma Canada

Make quick work of cutting, slicing, chopping and dicing ingredients with the selection of professional-quality kitchen knives available at Williams Sonoma Canada. The knives featured in our online and in-store selection are brought to you by top brands like Shun, Zwilling, Global, J.K. Henkels and Wüsthof, which are all known for crafting exceptional kitchen cutlery. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or are enjoying a quiet meal at home, be sure to prepare your meals with knives in our collection.

Let's take a quick look at the knives available at Williams Sonoma Canada in closer detail.

Types of Kitchen Knives

Here is a breakdown of our most popular knives by category:

  • Knife Sets - Whether you are shopping for your first professional quality knife set or would like to replace your older knives, our knife sets include just about every cutting tool you need to whip up something delicious in your kitchen. These sets come in a countertop display block, a storage rack or in a decorative storage tray.
  • Chef's knives - Available with blades that measure between 4" to 10", our chef's knives are the most versatile cutting tools you can have in your kitchen. They are ideal for cutting meat and vegetables and can slice through tough-to-cut ingredients, like tomatoes, with ease.
  • Bread knives - Available with a razor-sharp serrated edge, our bread knives are ideal for cleanly slicing through everything from homemade sandwich bread to crusty artisan loaves.
  • Paring knives - Ideal for making precision cuts, our paring knives are compact and lightweight to provide you the most control while you are peeling, slicing and cutting.
  • Fileting knives - These long knives feature a long curved blade that cuts through even the toughest cut of meat with ease. Our filleting knives are ideal for slicing pork, steak, poultry and most types of fish.

Key Features

And now, here is a quick look at some of the important key features we would like to highlight:

  • Most knives are forged by hand with the utmost attention paid to all of the finer details.
  • Divited and Damascus knives are available.
  • Ergonomic riveted handles for a comfortable hold and control.
  • Dishwasher-safe unless otherwise noted in the product description.
  • Knives are imprinted or stamped with the brand signature.

Create restaurant-quality meals in your own home with the help of our professional-grade kitchen knives. Available from the top kitchen cutlery manufacturers located all around the world, our knives are sure to be a beloved staple in your kitchen for years to come. For more great kitchen tools, be sure to also check out our selection of kitchen shears, mandolines and peelers.