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Egg Tools For Your Kitchen

Whether you're scrambling, hard boiling or poaching your eggs, you need the right tools on hand to make them. This Williams Sonoma Canada collection goes beyond your traditional cookware and includes egg tools for your kitchen. Find tools and accessories that help you prepare eggs with ease, ensuring you can start your day off right with a nutritious breakfast. So, if you're looking for new ways to prepare eggs or simply need to update your accessory collection, shop for egg tools at Williams Sonoma Canada. Before you do, learn more about what's available in this collection.

Your Egg Tool Options


A variety of tools allow you to prepare eggs in new and creative ways. Consider these options as you shop:

  • Egg poachers feature baskets that you position on your skillet to keep the yolk from breaking. Easy-to-grab handles make the poachers, which come in a set of two, easy to use. They're crafted with heat-resistant silicone and nylon, making them food safe and simple to clean.
  • Enjoy a perfectly shaped fried egg for your breakfast sandwich every time. Pick up a set of egg fry rings. These nylon rings have silicone interiors that won't stick and are easy to clean up. Position them on the griddle and crack an egg into them. Lift them off with the easy-grip handles once the egg is cooked. Choose a round or square ring depending on your preferences.
  • Create tasty egg bites with a silicone egg cooker. Pour your egg and toppings into the mould, and bake it in the microwave, Instant Pot or oven.
  • Try an egg quiche maker. Also made of silicone, this egg tool makes a 4-inch diameter quiche, a perfect serving for one. It includes a flexible silicone lid.
  • An egg timer ensures that your hard-boiled eggs are cooked to your preferences. It includes a progress bar that shows how close the eggs are to being done and an audio alert when the eggs have reached your desired setting.

Versatile Utensils and More


This Williams Sonoma Canada collection also includes utensils perfect for preparing eggs. Find silicone spatulas that feature a tapered edge for use in rounded egg pans. Use a pan scraper for easy cleanup every morning. An egg yolk separator takes the mess out of this food prep task. Add an egg peeler to your utensil collection to make peeling eggs easier and cleaner at home or on the go.

Update your kitchen with egg tools from Williams Sonoma Canada. Add some variety to how you prepare your eggs with convenient tools and accessories. While you're here, check out our coffee selection so that you can find a flavourful brew to start your day.