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Stock the Home With Kitchen Tools

Every successful recipe starts with the right tools. Having your kitchen stocked with casseroles and baking dishes, bakeware and dinnerware ensures you're always prepared to cook and serve food. Kitchen tools, too, are an important element, ensuring that food preparation is always a success. These tools come in many styles, so shop with your needs in mind. Perhaps you're looking to start new with a fresh kitchen toolset, or maybe you're looking to choose a specialty utensil for a new recipe you're trying. In this Williams Sonoma Canada collection, discover cooking tools and kitchen gadgets that will help you tackle any recipe like a pro. Read on to learn more about what this collection has to offer.

Everyday Utensils


Start by stocking your kitchen with kitchen tools that you'll probably reach for every day. Find utensil sets that include spoons, spatulas, tongs, ladles, slotted spoons and more. Or, choose to purchase these items individually and pick up those pieces that you need. You can find spatulas of various sizes, whisks, forks and even utensil holders to keep all of your tools organized.

Kitchen Gadgets


This Williams Sonoma Canada collection also includes kitchen gadgets for your cooking needs. Check out salt and pepper mills that you'll reach for every day. Keep oil dispensers stored on the kitchen countertop for easy access. Use a splatter screen to minimize the mess when you cook. Kitchen scales help you ensure you're using the precise amount of ingredients. Other gadgets include can openers, thermometers, timers and more.

Food Prep Tools


Prepare your favourite meals more efficiently than ever with the help of our food prep tools. Find garlic pressers and choppers, graters and zesters, which will make preparing spices and seasonings easier. Spiralizers, mandolines and slicers speed up vegetable prep. Knives, kitchen shears and cutting boards make chopping, slicing and dicing simple.

Specialty Kitchen Tools


Some kitchen tools might not be used every day, but they're still important. These specialty kitchen tools help you tackle various tasks. Check out tools for the grill like grill prep trays, a burger press and meat thermometers. Seafood tools include a fish spatula as well as seafood crackers and picks. Make homemade pasta with a pasta machine, ravioli mould or pasta fork. Many of these specialty tools are designed for different foods, including vegetables, pizzas, fruit, ice cream and more.

Specialty Kitchen Tools


Don't forget about the bar when shopping for kitchen tools. Pick up bar tools like cocktail shakers, stirrers and ice moulds. Check out wine tools like electric corkscrews, wine chillers and decanters. If you're a coffee lover, try a cold brew maker, milk frother or metal straws.

Update your home with kitchen tools from Williams Sonoma Canada. Find unique tools and kitchen gadgets, as well as classic utensils that you'll use every day. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the right cooking tools for your needs in this collection.