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Shop Baking Tools For Your Kitchen

Home baking calls for the right bakeware and baking tools to allow you to complete all of your favourite recipes. Once you've completed your bakeware set, you're ready to invest in baking tools, which will help you with a variety of baking-related tasks. This Williams Sonoma Canada collection includes a variety of tools, including pastry tools, rolling pins and so much more. Whether you're rolling out your favourite dough or baking a pie, you can find tools that help you get the job done at Williams Sonoma Canada. Read on to learn more about the tools for you available in this collection.

Baking Utensils


Some baking tools make it easier to mix, roll and scrape. Consider these options as you look to expand your baking toolkit:

  • Use an offset spatula to spread batter or filling or lift baked goods from the baking sheet. A flexible and angled blade delivers plenty of control.
  • A pastry brush features natural boar bristles that are incredibly resilient, whether you're applying an egg wash or buttering your pan.
  • Create evenly sized cookies with a cookie scoop set. Two size options work for every recipe. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to place the dough on your baking sheet.
  • A dough whisk features a heavy-gauge spiral loop that works ingredients into a dough without over-mixing them. A walnut handle adds extra durability.
  • Several rolling pin options are available, including a tapered rolling pin that's lightweight, easy to use and ideal for creating perfectly round dough.
  • Pastry blenders feature a durable stainless steel design, easy-to-grip handle and a thumb tab for added leverage for mashing and blending.

Baking Accessories


These baking tools include other accessories ideal for baking tasks. Use a cooling rack to remove your baked goods from the hot cookie sheet for efficient cooling. Pick up sets of pastry tips and bags to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Pastry scrapers are convenient to use when making doughs for bread and pastries. Silpat pastry mats and pans serve as a nonstick surface for baking.

Shop Williams Sonoma Canada today to discover baking tools for your needs. This collection includes everyday styles you'll reach for regularly, along with specialty pastry tools that will be helpful when you're baking your homemade confections. While you're here, check out our baking gift ideas, which include many options for you or someone in your life who loves to bake.