Glassware Registry Guide

Wedding and gift registry

Let us help you find the stylish stemware, cocktail glasses and bar tools
you need for everyday enjoyment and special occasions. Read on for our
tips and recommendations.


Consider your drink preferences and how often you plan to entertain. A basic stemware set typically includes water glasses, plus glasses for red and white wines. You can also choose additional stemware that's customized for specific wine varietals, such as Cabernet, Pinot Noir or Montrachet.


If you plan to host cocktail parties, be sure your registry selections include essential pieces like highballs, old-fashioneds and stemmed cocktail glasses, as well as bar tools and accessories.


Don't run out of stemware when you're giving a party. Make sure you have enough glasses for the cocktail hour and dinner by registering for at least twice as many wine glasses as dinnerware place settings.


Choose sturdy, versatile glassware for everyday use and casual entertaining. A Williams Sonoma favorite for over 30 years, our multitasking Picardie tumblers are a great choice.

Stemware Care

Follow these steps to keep your stemware clean and clear

Wash your glasses under warm water—detergent is not necessary.


Place the glasses on a linen towel to dry briefly.


For extra shine, steam the glasses over boiling water.


To dry the glasses, use two absorbent flour sack towels. Hold each glass by the base, being careful not to twist the base and bowl.


For perfect results, use one hand to cradle the bowl while gently polishing with the other.

The Necessities

Choose the right glass for the task
Tumblers >

A longtime Williams Sonoma favorite, our exclusive Picardie tumblers combine classic French bistro style with restaurant durability. These versatile tumblers are made in France of tempered glass, which makes them perfect for both hot and cold beverages.

Because they're exceptionally durable, versatile and stylish, our tumblers are great for both everyday use and informal entertaining. Stock up for parties by registering for more than one set.

Pitcher >

A beautiful pitcher is ideal for serving drinks to a group—either at the table, on a buffet or from your home bar. Count on it to provide great presentation
for everything from fruit juices, ice water, iced tea
and lemonade to sangria, margaritas, martinis,
Bloody Marys and other refreshing cocktails.

Depending on the variety of beverages you plan on serving at any one meal or gathering, you may want
to add several coordinating pitchers to your gift list.

Champagne Flute >

The elegant silhouette of a tall, slender Champagne flute is designed to highlight the legendary sparkling wine's distinctive bouquet—and preserve its festive bubbles. Use it for serving French Champagnes and other sparkling wines, as well as cocktails featuring either of these classics.

Bubbly drinks are synonymous with celebrations—and so are traditional Champagne flutes. Get ready for great parties by stocking up on the perfect glasses for effervescent beverages.

Red Wineglass >

Count on this glass to showcase your favorite red wines—from an assertive Cabernet to a mellow Merlot, classic Pinot Noir or full-bodied Zinfandel.
The large bowl is customized to highlight unique flavors as it allows the wine's full bouquet to
develop, eliciting every nuance of distinctive aromas.

Since red wines rank highly among connoisseurs,
you may want to consider building a collection of specialized stemware. Think about registering for beautiful, durable red wineglasses for casual
parties, as well as more sophisticated ones for
formal dinners.

White Wineglass >

This glass is perfect for all your favorite white wines—from a dry Chardonnay or crisp Sauvignon Blanc to a bright, fruity Riesling. The customized bowl showcases flavors and aromas, while the tall stem keeps the bowl from being warmed by your hand.

Since white wines are among every connoisseur's favorites, you may want to build a collection of specialized stemware. If you host parties often, think about registering for casual, durable glasses, as well as more refined ones for elegant gatherings.

Water Goblet >

A large stemmed water goblet is a classic part of formal table settings—and can also be a beautiful addition to a more casual table. It's great for serving still or sparkling mineral waters, as well as
beverages like fruit juice, iced tea or lemonade.

If you plan to host both elegant dinner parties and casual gatherings, you may want to register for two sets of water goblets—one to complement each
style of tableware.

Wine Opener >

An efficient opener lets you uncork bottles of wine with the ease and expertise of a sommelier. These handy tools come in lots of different styles—choose whatever feels most comfortable for you.

If you're a wine aficionado, you may want to register for a classic sommelier's corkscrew for opening wines at the table, plus an ergonomic model to help out when you need to uncork multiple bottles for big parties.

Wine Bucket >

For generations, a great-looking ice bucket has
been an essential for a classic cocktail hour or
dinner party. Count on it to chill white wines and champagnes, then keep them at the ideal serving temperature.

If you're planning to serve more than one type of
white wine or champagne at a gathering, consider adding several wine buckets to your gift list.

Double Old-Fashioned >

This short, wide glass is a cocktail hour favorite—great for all sorts of classic drinks (including the old-fashioned, from which it derives its name). Use it for serving spirits or cocktails over ice, as well as fruit juice, milk and other soft drinks.

When you're shopping for barware, it's helpful to know that an old-fashioned glass is also known as a whiskey glass or rocks glass.

Highball >

A highball glass has long been a traditional part of
the cocktail hour. Its tall, slender shape is great for serving cocktails like mojitos, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers and gin-and-tonics. Also ideal for
sodas, lemonade and iced tea.

Highballs are exceptionally versatile—you might
want to register for both everyday and special occasion glasses.

Martini Glass >

This iconic bar glass is known for its gracefully flared conical bowl and a slender, elegant stem that keeps your hand from warming your drink. It's just what you need for serving classic cocktails straight-up, like martinis, cosmopolitans and gimlets.

Martini glasses are great for showing off both clear and jewel-toned cocktails—they can also provide fun presentation for seafood cocktails and other appetizers.

Coupe Glass >

A classic coupe glass is the perfect way to show off classic cocktails—from martinis, daiquiris and Manhattans to a frosty brandy Alexander. It
combines a shallow, saucer-shaped bowl with a
stem that keeps your hands from holding the bowl
and warming your cocktail.

A coupe glass is also a traditional way to serve Champagne and sparkling wine, giving the festive bubbles a beautiful presentation.

Margarita Glass >

Use these classic stemmed glasses to serve classic and fruit-flavored margaritas—blended, straight-up or on the rocks. Wide, shallow bowls have thick rims to hold the traditional sea salt garnish, while stems keep your hands from warming the frosty cocktail.

Since margaritas are a favorite at both indoor and outdoor gatherings, you may want to register for both traditional glasses and ultra-durable polycarbonate versions.

Beer Glass >

From tall, tapering glasses to sturdy mugs, this versatile glassware is just what you need for serving for beers, ales, porters and stouts, either bottled or fresh from the tap. Choose all-purpose mugs or pint glasses—or opt for styles designed for specific varieties, such as pilsners, IPAs and wheat beers.

If you're a beer fan, be sure to register for enough glasses to guarantee easy service for parties and
other spirited gatherings.

Brandy Glass >

Also known as a snifter, this short-stemmed glass has a balloon-shaped bowl that's perfectly designed for swirling spirits and capturing their aromatic bouquets. Count on it to showcase the distinctive flavors and aromas of brandy, Cognac and liqueurs.

Offering guests a glass of fine brandy or Cognac after the meal is a dinner party tradition. If you plan to enjoy the custom, be sure to register for enough of these specialized glasses.

Cocktail Shaker >

Professional bartenders recommend shaking
cocktails with crushed ice to quickly reduce the temperature of the spirits, without diluting their nuanced flavors. Use it for preparing everything
from martinis and gimlets to sidecars and

To recreate a professional bartender's repertoire of tools, consider registering for both a basic cocktail shaker and a Boston shaker. Both types typically
have a built-in strainer to keep even the tiniest bits
of ice out of your drinks.

Bar Tools >

Whether you're mixing a classic martini, muddling fresh mint for a mojito or opening a bottle of craft beer, a good set of bar tools includes the high-performance pieces you'll need.

Most sets of bar tools include all the basics for mixing and serving classic cocktails. If you'd like to use specialty tools, like customized ice molds, register for them individually.