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The art of wine is complicated, taking many years to master. Each bottle holds its own characteristics and backstory, making it important for you to pour it into the correct glass. Williams-Sonoma offers a plethora of glassware collections from Riedel that transform your wine-tasting experience into a professional affair. Our wine glasses from Riedel go with every type of vino, from sparkling whites to the darkest of reds. Make sure to pull out your favorite bottle from the wine fridge and give it a proper home before consumption with our glassware collections.


You do not have to be a professional sommelier to enjoy the finer points of wine. Simply grab your favorite cheese, and then pour into the proper glassware collection. Riedel features stemmed glassware made by beverage experts from all over the world. The ultra-clear crystal helps you notice all of the subtleties of the beverage, while the delicate rims guide the wine towards the front of your mouth so you get a sensational experience right away. Riedel is a German company that specializes in making the best possible glassware for your bar, with experience doing so since the 1700s.


For lighter, white wines, find glasses that are tall with smaller bowls. Wines such as pinot grigio, moscato, riesling and light chardonnays are best for these types of glasses, because their light bodies need less room for delivering the aroma, especially if you do not want the wine to overpower your favorite seafood. For a heartier chardonnay aged in an oak barrel, try a stemmed glass with a much wider body. This design allows you to swirl the wine, giving it more of a balance throughout your sipping session.


Red wines that match heartier pasta dishes require larger glasses so the rich flavors have more of a chance to come out. Pinot noir glasses feature bowls that are almost round in shape, while cabernet and merlot glasses are tall and wide. At the bottom of these red wine glasses are little clefts that allow the true color of the wine to stand out, making them perfect for competitions and tasting events.


No celebration is complete without a toast of sparkling wine or champagne. Make sure you get the best hit of carbonation possible with a specialty glass made to accentuate the bubbles and the sweet notes of the grapes. A champagne flute is the standard glass for wedding toasts, while a coup is a wider-brimmed glass that shows off the bubbles even better. You can even pour your sparkling beverages into a tall glass with a thin body, which is also perfect for making specialty cocktails out of.


Wine does not always have to be a fancy affair. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a glass with friends out of some casual glasses while reminiscing about youthful exploits. Tumbler wine glasses without stems turn any evening into an occasion. The bowls of these glasses still highlight the rich bodies of your wines, and the rims still deliver every hint of flavor directly to your taste buds. The only difference between these glasses and their stemmed counterparts is not having to put on a cocktail dress.


Of course, you still want to enjoy other beverages besides wine from time to time. Riedel makes glassware collections to help you enjoy your favorite craft beer, cognac and martinis just as much as your prized wine collection. Riedel also offers a number of decanters that allow you to present your wine to a table and serve it in a special way. Decanters feature wide mouths that help you pour without any leftover dripping. They are also excellent as conversational pieces for the centerpiece of the dinner table.