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Stock your home bar with all the essentials you need for a spirited night in or a fun cocktail party with friends and family. You don’t need tons of equipment, but having the right tools lets you elevate your entertaining options. From bar tools such as jigger and mixing spoons, to martini and rocks glasses, Williams-Sonoma carries everything you need to set your bar up for a delicious night in.

Bar basics include shot glasses, rocks glasses and highballs. Shot glasses are ideal for measuring spirits to add to cocktails or offering a single serving “straight up.” The smooth, sleek lines of rocks glasses, also commonly called old-fashioned and double old-fashioned glasses, make them suited for serving liquor neat or on the rocks, but you can also use these versatile glasses to serve mocktails, lemonade and iced tea. Use highball glasses for non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails that include a splash of soda. The taller design offers plenty of space for ice and mixers.

Whether you like your martini shaken or stirred, having the right glass makes all the difference. The iconic “V-shaped” design of the traditional martini glass is perhaps one of the most easy to recognize. If you enjoy champagne, margaritas, manhattans and martinis, consider skipping the traditional glassware associated with each and invest in a multifunctional coupe glass. Invented in England during the 17th century, this glass features a tall stem and a rounded bowl-like shape that works for everything from a gin martini to prosecco. As an added bonus, the coupe offers more stability than a standard martini glass. Sure, you could serve these drinks in casual glassware, but why not stock up on coupes, martini glasses or a combination of the two for an impressive way to serve up some of your fanciest cocktails?

Showcase your favourite spirits in a gorgeous decanter to complete your well-stocked bar. Typically made of clear glass, these vessels are designed to keep your favourite spirits fresh by including a stopper that seals the decanter tightly, preserving the liquor within and protecting it from oxidation. Snifters evoke visions of sipping spirits by the fire. These specialized glasses look similar to wine glasses with shorter stems. They are commonly used for brandy and cognac, which benefit from the tapered curve of the glass. The specialized design captures and enhances the aroma of the liquor. You can also use these glasses for high-gravity beers, such as Belgian strong ales and barleywines to enhance the taste and smell of these beverages.