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Creating Versatile Table Settings With Table Runners

When you want to create a seamless, unified look with your other table linens, dinnerware and centrepiece, look no further than our line of table runners. Table runners are the anchoring element on your tabletop. They can divide the centre of your table, help protect the table's surface, and create a visually appealing element to complement your dining area. Plus, they can be used for rectangular and square tables as well as round tables.

At Williams Sonoma Canada, you'll find a range of table runners in varying lengths, made from different fabrics and featuring elegant details from ornate floral motifs to sturdy solid shades. Whether you want something for casual meals with the family or you're looking to dress up your space for festive get-togethers, table runners can complement any occasion.


The length of your table linen runners will determine how they can--or should--be used on your table. It's best to allow your table runner to hang at least six inches off either end of your table. It's also appropriate for table runners to fit on the table completely; just make sure to leave space for place settings on both ends.

Table runners that are shorter than either end of the table make a fantastic centrepiece themselves, especially when paired with your favourite floral arrangements, candles and candle holders, decorative wreaths and more. Plus, shorter table runners allow you to showcase the elegance of your tabletop, especially against surfaces made from, or featuring natural wood grains.


Our table runners are made from cotton, linen and cotton-linen blends. Cotton brings a soft, absorbent quality to your table setting while also remaining durable and long-lasting. Linen fabrics soften more and more with every wash and bring a charming vintage touch to your table setting.

Colours & Patterns

Choosing the right colours and patterns for your table runners can largely depend on how busy the rest of your dining area looks. If you've set the table with vibrant multi-coloured dinnerware, perhaps consider a muted, solid tone. If, for example, your plates and bowls are made from all-white porcelain, a vibrant floral-themed table runner can add a lively touch to mealtime.

Finer Details

In addition to colours and patterns, consider other details that can allow your table setting to pop with creative flair. For soft textured detail, go for a table runner with a delicate fringed border. Dress up your table with intricate embroidery or explore our stonewashed linen runner that features tonal blanket stitching.

Beyond Table Linens

Think about how your plates, bowls and other dishware pieces might complement the rich texture, colour and pattern of your table runners. Browse our extensive collection of dinnerware sets for coordinated styles. Don't forget to check out our new dinnerware and glassware for additional inspiration.