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Salt and Pepper Shakers and Mills For Every Table

Salt and pepper are among the most commonly used seasonings in the world, so it should come as no surprise that salt and pepper shakers are up there with plates, flatware and napkins when it comes to dinner table essentials. While a cook always hopes that diners find their food has been perfectly seasoned in the kitchen, tastes vary, so giving everyone the opportunity to adjust seasoning as needed is always good practice. Salt and pepper shakers can also add colour, whimsy or a seasonal touch, so there's no downside to adding them to your tablescape.

The Details

While salt and pepper shakers may be the most commonly used dispensers for these two seasonings, they are far from your only choices. Other possible options for containing your tabletop seasonings are mills and pots or cellars. In formal settings, salt is almost always presented in a cellar, which is a small lidded pot from which the salt is served with a small spoon. This allows maximum control over the amount of salt used and may be an appealing option for even more casual settings.

Salt and pepper mills or grinders are popular alternatives to shakers. A pepper mill ensures that you always have fresh ground pepper at the ready, while a salt mill allows you to use salt without any of the additives that are necessary to keep table salt from forming a solid mass. Both salt and pepper mills make it possible for you to control how coarse or fine the grind of the salt or pepper is. Of course, if you prefer to keep things simple, salt and pepper shakers are always a great option. Shakers also offer the most variety in terms of shape and design. Williams Sonoma Canada carries a range of all of the salt and pepper dispensing options, so you'll have no trouble finding a set you love. Here are just a few of the available options:

  • Cole and Mason Electric Salt and Pepper Mills - These battery-powered mills allow you to dispense salt and pepper ground to your preferred coarseness with the touch of a button. A mini light helps to illuminate whatever you're seasoning.
  • Marble Salt Keeper - Crafted of natural marble, this 8-ounce box makes a beautiful addition to your kitchen or dining table. This handcrafted piece features a swiveling magnetic lid for easy one-handed access.
  • Horn Salt and Pepper Shakers - Handcrafted by skilled artisans using sustainable practices, these striking salt and pepper shakers are made of water buffalo horn. The natural beauty of the horn adds a unique touch to your table.