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Grab Exquisite Champagne Glasses For Your Next Event From Williams Sonoma

Whether you're ringing in the new year or celebrating a special event, there's nothing quite like the taste of bubbly champagne. Make sure your guests have the best experience in your home by having luxurious champagne glasses on hand for use. Champagne flutes are specially crafted so that the characteristic bubbles in champagne last longer. So the skinny look of champagne glasses helps ensure that your champagne looks and tastes its best. There are plenty of great champagne flutes to choose from, whether you're searching for modern and streamlined, classic crystal or others.

You could also opt for specially crafted champagne glasses, like the coupe style. This style of glass is shorter and wider than traditional champagne flutes and purposefully exposes the champagne to more air, giving it a chance to interact with oxygen, which will give the drink a different flavor profile. What's great about champagne glasses, irrespective of the style, is that they also pair nicely with other sparkling wines, like prosecco or moscato, making them a versatile pick for your space. No matter what style of wine you prefer, Williams Sonoma has the perfect glasses to complement your wine.

Dress Your Table For Special Events

Special events call for special entertaining accessories to help you serve your guests. Fortunately, Williams Sonoma has just what you'll need for your next event. Here are some versatile accessories that you'll love having on hand:

  • Enjoy specially curated dinnerware collections on your dinner table. Dinnerware collections give you everything you need in one gorgeous set, like dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, appetizer plates and more. Williams Sonoma's collections offer you a variety of stunning dinnerware styles to choose from. From unique glazed stoneware to decorated dinnerware, fine China and more, your table will be dressed to impress for your next event.
  • Your table isn't complete without support from luxurious table linens. Crafted from beautiful materials, like cotton or linen, table linens are a dining room staple for a reason. Choose from carefully crafted tablecloths, table runners, cloth napkins and others. These table linens give your table a touch of refinement and, as a bonus, help to protect your table and make cleaning up even easier.
  • While your guests mingle around your home, make sure you protect your tabletops and other surfaces with help from specially crafted coasters. Choose from a multitude of styles, like gorgeous marble, natural wood, woven options and more.

Your Party, Your Rules

It's easy to ensure that your part has an elegant ambiance to it when you've stocked up on versatile accessories. Whether you're enjoying new champagne flutes with guests or serving a stunning meal with help from new dinnerware, there are so many great pieces that will work seamlessly in your space. When you entertain with Williams Sonoma, your events will be second to none.