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Shop For Novelty Grill Tools and BBQ Accessories at Williams Sonoma Canada Today

Grilling flavorful meals on your BBQ starts with ensuring you have the right gadgets and accessories to do the job right and we have an array of grill tools to help you get the most out of your outdoor cook space. Whether you are shopping for your own grilling needs or are looking for the perfect gift idea for the grill master in your life, we are sure you will find products within our online and in-store grill selection that you can not live without.

Let's take a quick look at our grill tools and BBQ accessories in further detail.

Types of BBQ Tools and Accessories

Here are some of the types of tools and accessories available at Williams Sonoma Canada:

  • Thermometers - Ensure your proteins are cooked to the right temperature with the help of our meat thermometers. Each thermometer comes with a cooking temperature table so you can quickly see what internal temperature the type of meat you are cooking should reach. We have traditional needle gauges and digital thermometers available and most can read temperatures up to 315 degrees Celsius.
  • BBQ tool sets - Our BBQ tool sets come with long-handled spatulas, tongs, forks and other tools you need to move your food around the grill with ease. The products featured in this category are crafted of durable stainless steel and most sets come with a coordinating tool case or bag so you can store your accessories when they are not in use.
  • Grill prep trays - Crafted of durable plastic and silicone, our grill prep trays allow you to carry your ingredients out to your grill space without risking spills and liquid run-offs. Our trays are available in your choice of colours and sizes.
  • Grill cleaning brushes and scrapers - Clean off your grill with ease when using our grill cleaning brushes and scrapers. These important tools remove burnt on sauces, food and spices with ease so your grill will be nice and tidy for BBQing your next meal. These tools are crafted of stainless steel and our grill brushes have metal wire bristles.
  • Protein presses - Whether you are grilling bacon, burgers, chicken or steak, ensure your meat keeps its shape with the help of our protein presses. These presses can be placed directly on your grill and most are crafted of durable cast iron.

Shop the grill tools and BBQ accessories selection at Williams Sonoma Canada today and ensure the grill master in your life has all the items needed to whip up something healthy and delicious on the BBQ. For more great outdoor entertaining products, be sure to also check out our burger shop, seafood shop and pizza shop.