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Shop For Professional Quality Wüsthof Knives Available Only at Williams Sonoma Canada

Effortlessly complete all your dicing, slicing and chopping tasks with our stunning selection of Wüsthof knives. Handcrafted in the heart of Germany with the utmost attention paid to all of the finer details, the knives featured in this category are designed with longevity in mind. These knives are elegant without being stuffy and each piece is designed to be a true workhorse in the kitchen. Shop for individual knives or Wüsthof knife sets today.

Let's take a quick peek at the knives featured in our Wüsthof in closer detail.

High-Quality Craftshmanship

These knives are precision-forged to provide you with the perfect cut each and every time. They are constructed from a single sheet of high carbon steel and feature a full-length tang for balance and control. These knives come with a riveted polymer handle that is expertly sculpted to fit in your hand for a comfortable hold. The knives featured in this collection are designed to be lightweight for precision cutting.

Types of Knives

Here are some of the most popular knives offered in this collection:

  • Chef's knives - Available with blades that measure between 6" to 10", our Wüsthof chef's knives are ideal for completing just about any cutting task. They are ideal for cutting meat and vegetables and can slice through tough ingredients, like tomatoes and large root vegetables, with ease.
  • Bread knives - Available with a razor-sharp serrated edge, our bread knives are ideal for cleanly slicing through even the hardest crusty artisan loaves.
  • Fileting knives - These long knives feature a long curved blade that cuts through even the toughest cut of meat with ease. Our filleting knives are ideal for slicing pork, steak, poultry and most types of fish.
  • Cleavers - When you are breaking down a large boney cut of meat, the classic butcher's cleaver is just the right tool to get the job done. This knife features a large rectangular blade, which allows you to put muscle work into cutting tough ingredients.
  • Paring knives - Ideal for making precision cuts, our paring knives are compact and lightweight to provide you the most control while you are peeling, slicing and cutting.

Shop our Wüsthof knives collection today and ensure you have all the tools you need to complete kitchen cutting tasks with ease. While you are shopping, be sure to also browse our stately collection of cutting boards, herb scissors and peelers.