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Shun Knives Boost Your Cutlery Collection

Shun knives are one of the premiere knife lines out of Japan. Renowned for their amazing sharpness, fine balance and lightly decorated Asian aesthetic, these knives belong in any kitchen where culinary prep is a priority. Discover sets and single knives alike that round your cutlery collection. With a solid set of choices at home, you can prepare interesting, delicious meals every time you decide to cook.

Discovering The Beauty of Japanese Knives

Japanese cutlery varies from its Western counterparts. While the European knives you may already own are sturdy and substantial, your Japanese knives offer a lightweight balance and refined cutting power that allows you to experiment with or perfect new kinds of cuisine.

  • Japanese knives like Shun are usually sharpened to approximately 15 degrees or even less. This provides an incredible experience when you use them. Cuts are fluid and precise.
  • By contrast, excellent Western knives are usually sharpened to approximate 30 degrees. Even this angle is very sharp and provides a strong cut, so you can imagine the difference with a Japanese knife.
  • Shun gets its name from the Japanese concept of perfect ripeness. This isn't a word that exists exactly in English, but it lets you know that precision and timing are highly valued by the craftspeople at Shun.

Explore different variants of familiar knives, too. For instance, if you want to shop for utility knives, the Japanese option is a santoku. A santoku is a sharp blade of approximately the same size with a single-bevel edge.

Transform Your Prep with Shun Cutlery

Enjoy all the new ways you can prepare food once you treat yourself to Shun cutlery.

  • Impress your family and guests with ultra-thin slices. These knives are made for paper-thin cuts.
  • Serve scrumptious fresh fish dishes with the help of a boning knife. Shun's deboning knife has a dramatic angle that curves above the back of the blade to remove smooth, oily flesh from the spine with grace and ease.
  • Give favorite meals a new twist. For instance, if you love salads, try a nakiri for clean, even cuts through tomatoes or leaves without crushing or bruising them. Crush nuts or seeds with the side of the blade like you would with a Western meat cleaver.

Caring for Your Shun Knives

Once you have these knives in your home, they can last years, if not a lifetime with the appropriate care. Be sure to wash yours by hand and dry them throughout after every use. Store them in knife blocks, within blade guards inside a drawer or on a magnetic bar.

You'll be glad to have these wonderful knives with you for a long ti