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Make Exceptional Cuts with Global Knives

Elevate everything about your knife work with Global knives. These kitchen knives are made in Japan by master craftspeople who have refined the art of cutlery to exceptional heights. By giving yourself the gift of a Global knife set, you ensure that your prep work, from simple slicing to dextrous deboning, is a satisfying and successful undertaking. Bring new meals to life with these incredible knives.

Japanese Design and Hand-Craftsmanship

Global cutlery is prized around the world for its superior construction and design. These blades are varied in their creation and styling depending on which collection you choose to shop, but all of them have one thing in common. They cut with a simple, effective, balanced precision.

  • Blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel and stamped for authenticity.
  • The transition between blade and handle is seamless. The functionality of a bolster is replaced by a contoured knife handle.
  • All knives have a textured handle with a visual contrast that guides your grip and allows you extreme control over the use of the knife for familiar use or advanced techniques.

Using Eastern and Western Knives at Home

Bring a Global knife set into your home as a way to integrate culinary styles.

Some purists prefer to use only Western or only Eastern knives in the preparation of a meal, but you can mix and match, create fusion dishes or keep the integrity of a dish's origin with your Globals.

  • See how paring knives become more essential than ever as you begin to refine your Asian cooking skills. Some Global sets include two parers for your ease.
  • Teach yourself how to use the santoku and nakiri, two knives designed for rapid, effective chopping. The blade silhouettes of these classically Japanese knives are surprisingly perfect for all-American dishes like salads and fries.
  • Tsuchime details are a lovely touch no matter what the cuisine. This contoured solution makes fine slicing a breeze.

Contoured Knife Blades

Global excels in the art of tsuchime. This technique has a pure Japanese feel to it. It's a simple way to solve something that many home chefs don't even realize interrupts their flow.

  • When cutting thin slices or certain foods, like tomatoes, cucumbers or raw fish, you may notice that the food sticks to the side of the knife, even if just momentarily.
  • This sticking is due to the friction of the knife. It indicates your knife has moved through the food quickly and with strength--all in all, a good thing, until you're peeling tomatoes off your blade instead of continuing prep.
  • Tsuchime refers to the oval indentations on the side of Global's chef's knives.
  • The indentations prevent sticking by lessening the amount of friction on the side of the blade.

With so many dazzling qualities, Global knives earn a place in the homes of dedicated home cooks like you all over the world.