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Organize Your Cutlery With Knife Holders From Williams Sonoma Canada

Organize all your cutlery in style with the selection of knife holders available only at Williams Sonoma Canada.

Types of Knife Storage

Here are some of the types of knife storage solutions available in our online and in-store selection:

  • Slotted drawer storage - Keep your countertops free of clutter by storing your knives in our slotted drawer storage blocks. Our slotted drawer storage products lie flat in your kitchen drawer so that you can store up to 15 knives in your drawer safely and neatly. Our drawer storage pieces are ideal for compact spaces and they are crafted of real wood for a stately appearance.
  • Knife block - A classic storage piece, our knife blocks are ideal for storing your knives on your kitchen countertop for quick and easy access. Our blocks are crafted of hardwood, like acacia, walnut, cherry or maple and most are stamped with the brand name so you can show off your cutlery and make a statement in your kitchen. Our knife blocks hold kitchen knives of all sizes as well as your steak knives, kitchen shears and wand knife sharpener.
  • Knife roll - Ideal for taking your knives with you to a cooking event away from home, our knife rolls are crafted of durable polyester material and feature interior pockets so you can organize all your knives and lay them out when it is time to cook. Most of our rolls come with a zippered enclosure and carry handles for easy transport.
  • Magnetic knife storage - Showcase your kitchen knives like a real work of art by displaying them on one of our tabletop or hanging magnetic knife blocks. They simply stick to the block allowing you to quicking remove them when you have kitchen tasks to do. Most of these blocks are finished with wood and contain an interior magnet to hold the knives on securely.
  • Blade guards - If you prefer to store your knives in a kitchen drawer, invest in our envelope-style blade guards to protect your hands and your drawers from cuts and knicks. Most of these knife guards are crafted of durable PVC plastic and they are available in an array of sizes to fit over the blades of all your knives.

Other Key Features

And now for a quick look at the other key features we would like to highlight:

  • Most of our knife storage pieces come with rubber footers so they do not slide around on your countertop or in your drawer while you are removing your knives or putting them back in.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed.
  • Available in an array of finishes to suit your personal style.
  • Imported from top manufacturers located all around the world.
  • Knives are sold separately unless otherwise noted in the individual product description.

Whether you prefer to tuck your kitchen knives into a drawer or like to display them on your kitchen countertop for easy access, we have a large selection of stylish knife holders to suit your needs. For more fun kitchen organization products, be sure to also check out our canisters and utensil holders.