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Browse Our Selection of Fruit Gift Baskets For Every Occasion at Williams Sonoma

Fresh fruit is a delicious, nutritious staple that a lot of people enjoy eating every day. Still, there's not much that makes a better gift that one of our fruit gift baskets. Featuring an assortment of fruit items, candy, confections, cookies, baked goods and more, anybody with a sweet tooth or a taste for fine foods will love getting one of these baskets.

Keep reading to learn more about our selection of fruit gift baskets at Williams Sonoma today. We've got an assortment of styles and sizes fit for every friend, family member or colleague.

What Kind of Fruit Gift Baskets Can I Find?

Take the guesswork out of buying a great gift with our fruit and food gift baskets. Here are some of the different styles you can buy online right now:

  • Fresh fruit baskets. Featuring some of the best fruit the world has to offer, our fruit baskets make an exceptional gift for friends and family members all over the world. Best of all, they're an excellent gift for health-conscious recipients and colleagues that might have dietary restrictions you don't know about. After all, almost everybody eats fruit, and if they don't, their family members sure do, so you can shop with confidence!
  • Fruit and confection boxes. Want to mix in a few sweet treats along with your fresh fruit? Our boxes that contain fresh fruit, jams, chocolate and more are pretty much the perfect pick. Some of our fruit and sweets boxes even contain chocolate and out-of-this world candy. Now that's a great gift for somebody with a sweet tooth.
  • Fruit and cheese baskets. Not shopping for somebody with a sweet tooth? Lovers of savory flavors will smile when they get one of our fruit and cheese baskets with nuts, crackers and other assorted sundries. Some baskets even contain charcuterie like prosciutto and salami.
  • Oversized gift baskets. Wow your friends and family with a real mega-gift this year. Featuring dozens of items like fresh fruit, jam, baked goods, candy, chocolate and even household items like candles, these are seriously thoughtful gift baskets that anyone would love. These are especially great for families since there's bound to be something everybody will enjoy in one of these large baskets.

Shop Williams Sonoma today to schedule your fruit, candy or food basket delivery now. Available year round, our gift baskets truly can't be beat. Now all you have to do is find the right one for everybody on your shopping list.

Browse Food Care Packages For Friends and Family Away From Home

Cooking an amazing meal or baking sweet treats is an excellent way to show the people in your life how much you care about them. When your friends and family members far away from you though, you'll need to come up with other ways to show your appreciation.

Our food care packages make it easy to send delicious gifts to everybody on your list even if they're on the other side of the country. Use this guide to learn more about our food care packages today.

What Kinds of Food Care Packages Can I Find?

Give the gift of delicious dishes with an assortment of food care packages available at Williams Sonoma today. From college kids to doting Dads and grandparents, everybody you're buying for will love our savory and sweet treats. Here are some of the care package options you can find online now:

  • Cheese platters. From rich, ripe cheese to subtle cheddar, almost everybody loves a cheese plate. Our care packages come with dried fruit, crackers and more to make these delicious gifts a whole meal worth sharing.
  • Meat and cheese crates. What's better than cheese? Maybe a little meat paired with it. From prosciutto to salami and beef jerky, our meat and cheese care packages won't last long wherever you send them.
  • Antipasti, olives and oils. Giving a gift to somebody that loves a little taste of the old country? Our care package with antipasti, rich olives, flavorful olive oils and other Italian essentials is a must-buy. Some boxes even include a few Italian sweets or dried fruit along with the savory sundries.
  • Chocolate and candy gifts. Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Hazelnut-filled confections and truffles. Who doesn't want a handful of these right now? Our chocolate and candy care packages will leave everyone's mouth watering.
  • Baked goods. From cookies and cakes to savory marble rye bread, our baked goods will be a huge hit when you send them as a gift. Choose something you know the recipient loves like cookies or opt for a sampler pack that includes lots of different flavors.
  • Tea and coffee. Shopping for a tea lover? What about a coffee enthusiast? Our tea and coffee care packages offer classic flavors like English breakfast and espresso, as well as decaf and herbal blends. Pick your favorite variety and we'll ship this care package anywhere you want.

Shop food care packages at Williams Sonoma today to send something delicious to the people you love most. From savory soups and side dishes to beautiful baked goods, we've got an assortment of items perfect for every palate.

Delight and Surprise With Amazing Food Gift Sets From Williams Sonoma

Elevate your gift-giving game with the help of food gift sets from Williams Sonoma. We've got a vast and varied selection of food-related sets and combinations that are sure to appeal to anyone on your gift list, from new homeowners and newlyweds to the novice cooker or seasoned chef. These food gift sets range from packaged goods and boxed offerings to pan or pot presentations for a creative and functional display.

Think high-quality olive oils and other sophisticated noshing such as buttery croissants and rich caviar, to down-home burger bomb sauces and rubs designed for al fresco cooking and All-American treats such as popcorn and candy apples. Whatever the occasion, you're sure to find something for the dedicated foodie or hard-to-buy-for relative. So dive into this delish collection and get ready to discover a whole new level of gift-giving.

Kinds of Food Gift Sets

At first glance it may seem overwhelming with the vast and varied choice in this collection. Let us help you break it down into some popular highlights:

  • Olive oils: Featuring a selection of infused cooking or dipping oils as well as the classic olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairing.
  • Rubs and sauces: The perfect finishing touch to get meats and veggies barbecue-ready.
  • Snacks: Popcorn, candy apples and all the caviar you could want.
  • Meal starters: Pick up a pasta and sauce set, or opt for Instant Pot meal ingredients for an easy start to a weeknight meal.
  • Grilling salts and spices: Get your grill on with a vast array of flavored salts and spices for your culinary creations.
  • Cocktail mixes: Whip up a batch of margaritas with salt rimmers for your cocktail glasses and liquid mix for your favorite fruity beverage.
  • Tea and coffee: Choose from herbal teas to six flavors of coffee capsules to an elegant coffee and croissant gift set.

Not Just For Gifts

If you're planning a get-together, whether it's an intimate cocktail party or more of a large-scale outdoor gathering, this collection can help with prepping, serving, drink mixing and culinary display. Treat yourself and your guests to delish dipping, gourmet noshing and succulent flavors as you whip up sweet and savory bites for them to enjoy.

There's More Where That Came From

For more great gift inspiration, check out our full line of offerings for wine lovers, gardeners, hosts, kids and more. Our extensive selection of appetizers, baked goods and side dishes covers everything you need for parties, large dinners, or an intimate meal for two. Shop Williams Sonoma today for the best-of-the-best in home living, gifting and entertaining.

Shop Food Gift Sets at Williams Sonoma

Giving the gift of tasty treats is never a bad thing to do. In fact, you can take care of your whole shopping list with snacks in most cases. At Williams Sonoma, you can find sweet and savory treats for everybody on your list no matter what kind of foods they love. Keep reading to learn more about our selection of food gift sets.

What Kinds of Food Gift Sets Can I Buy?

Everybody loves food, and whether you're shopping for a foodie or somebody who just loves to eat, we've got a great selection of food gift boxes that will fit the bill. Here are a few popular options:

  • Sweet treats. Boxed chocolates, cupcake sets, candy apples, cookies and more make an ideal gift for any holiday. Shop for known favorites or look for something a little bit different this year.
  • Cocktail party sets. Got a friend or family member that loves to host cocktail parties? With our cocktail-centric gift sets, you can give the gift of gourmet olives, specialty bar mixers and more.
  • Seasoning sets. For the gourmet cook, nothing is better than a well-stocked spice drawer. Pick up a set to make sure the chef on your list is all ready to create a perfect dish.
  • Grill boxes. Some people would make every meal over an open fire if they could. For those individuals, you can't go wrong with a set of grill-focuses rubs and seasonings. Hopefully they'll invite you over whenever they want to break them in.
  • Barbecue sauce sets. Barbecue sauce is delicious on just about everything. Give your friends and family members a few new options whether they prefer Carolina-style or Korean barbecue flavors.
  • Easy weeknight meal gifts. Creating a meal from scratch every night of the week can be tough. Give friends and family members with busy schedules easy weeknight meal gift sets that include simmering, braising and pasta sauces that are ready to work with right out of the jar.
  • Tea sets. Have a tea lover on your list? Go for a gourmet variety or shop for a set of teas so they can try new flavors from different growing regions all over the world.
  • Cheese and meat gifts. The perfect savory snack or pre-dinner spread, cheese and meat selections are a go-to gift for a reason. Look for regional options or find your favorites to give to everyone on your shopping list.
  • Nuts and fruits. Looking for something a little different than the classic cheese and charcuterie set? Go for gift boxes that include delicious nuts and an assortment of dried and fresh fruits.

Shop our selection of food gift sets today to send a delicious message. Check out or personalized food hampers that can be saved and reused for picnics, storage and more to make your gift really special while you're shopping.