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Stock Up on Saucepans

Whether you're making a simple glaze, whipping up a delicious sauce from scratch or creating savory soups, the saucepans at Williams Sonoma Canada are sure to become a favourite part of your cooking routine. Top-quality materials and thoughtful design details make these pans durable enough to hold up to many years of use.

Selecting Your Saucepans

With such a vast array of saucepans available within this collection, picking out the ones you'll feature in your kitchen is all about considering the key features of each option, such as:

  • Design: Begin browsing all the different saucepan designs, stopping to consider the overall look and style of the saucepan, including handle design and whether or not the pan features a lid. This can be especially important if you plan on hanging the saucepan from a pan rack.
  • Brand: The pots and pans offered in this collection are crafted by some of the top name brands you already know and love, including Calphalon, All-Clad, Cuisinart and more. If you are already brand loyal, this may help you narrow down the search for the best saucepans for your personal collection.
  • Size: Saucepans come in a wide range of different size options to choose from. Consider the types of items you like to make and which size pans would best meet those needs. When in doubt, stock up on sauce pots in all the available size options to ensure ultimate versatility.
  • Materials: When you find a couple of different pots that interest you, take a moment to consider the materials used to craft the pot. Stainless steel, aluminum and copper are just a couple of the different materials you'll find as you shop. Of course, it's always a good idea to check out the care instructions for the saucepans, as well.
  • Special Features: Before you make your final selections, make sure to check out the special features of each design. This could include whether or not the saucepan boasts a nonstick surface or whether or not it has an oven-safe design.
  • Coordinating Items: Many of these saucepans are part of a larger design collection. Stock up on all the coordinating pieces within the same collection for a cohesive look.

The saucepans you chose are just one of the kitchen essentials you need to make your family recipes a reality. Shop Williams Sonoma Canada for everything else you need to prep and serve all your favorite dishes, including dinnerware sets, table linens, glassware sets, bakeware essentials knife sets and so much more.