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Ramekins and Mini Cocottes For Your Next Event

Serving individually portioned dishes adds a lovely touch to your next gathering. Give your dinner party or special occasion celebration a memorable touch by serving desserts or side dishes in ramekins and mini cocottes. These bakeware pieces allow you to bake and serve in one piece while allowing you to serve individual sizes. Shop this collection to discover ramekins and mini cocottes, which you can purchase individually or as a set, depending on your needs. Learn more about these high-quality designs before you select a piece to add to your bakeware collection.


Versatile ramekins can be used to make individual portions of a variety of dishes. Crafted of chip-resistant porcelain, these ramekins are designed for durability. They're safe to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher, making both food prep and cleanup easier. Many styles feature sleek, classic white designs, which allows them to coordinate with a variety of types of dinnerware. Pick up a set of four ramekins so that you always have some on hand for your next special occasion.

Mini Cocottes

Like ramekins, mini cocottes allow you to create portioned individual servings for your guests, adding a touch of visual intrigue to the buffet or dinner table. These pieces are crafted of high-fired stoneware that heats evenly, ensuring even cooking whether you're preparing mac and cheese or lava cakes. Plus, these high-quality designs won't absorb odours or flavours, allowing you to use them for a variety of dishes. Each mini cocotte comes with a tight-fitting lid that seals in moisture for maximum flavour. Use them in the oven, broiler or microwave, giving you several heating options.

You can even find seasonal styles in this collection. Consider a pumpkin-shaped mini cocotte that allows you to deliver an autumnal touch to the dinner table. The sculptural base and lid recreate the look of a pumpkin, adding a charming touch to your next event.

If serving individual portions is right for you, then ramekins and mini cocottes are the right choice for your bakeware collection. When selecting between styles, keep in mind that ramekins do not have lids and mini cocottes do, so consider what dishes you plan to make to ensure you purchase the right bakeware for your needs. While you're shopping at Williams Sonoma Canada, explore our bakeware sets, which allow you to instantly elevate your bakeware collection with just one purchase.