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Bake Like a Pro With Nordic Ware Bakeware From our Collection

Green salads, lean proteins and fresh veggies might be what's for dinner, but once the meal is done, you need to follow it with something sweet, right? Nordic Ware bakeware pieces can help you make everything from pound cake to popovers.

You can even find Nordic Ware pieces like scone pans and special teacake plaques in our collection today. Browse online to stock your kitchen or find a marvelous gift for any baker in your life.

Order Nordic Ware Bakeware Online Today

Delicious baked goods start with great ingredients like flour, sugar and must-have extras like vanilla extract. From there, it's all about the tools and the time you spend in the kitchen. With Nordic Ware bakeware, you can make savoury and sweet baked goods just like professional bakers do. Here are some of the different pieces you can shop for online now:

  • Bundt® pans. When you think of Nordic Ware, Bundt® pans are probably what you're thinking of. Available in a range of different sizes and designs Nordic Ware Bundt® pans ensure that you can put something tasty on the table anytime you want. Don't need a big Bundt® pan? Check out our selection of smaller mini pans. They'll help you make the equivalent of Bundt® cake cupcakes, which are tons of fun to serve and eat.
  • Cake and loaf pans. Prepare top-tier cakes, banana bread, chocolate bread and a whole lot more with nonstick cake and loaf pans from Nordic Ware. You can even shop for brownie pans if you're looking for something a little bit easier to serve and enjoy with friends and family members.
  • Specialty pans. Make something unique for friends and family members with specialty pans from the Nordic Ware collection at Williams Sonoma Canada. Not sure what type you want to pick? Nordic Ware scone pans, popover pans and cakelet pans are always a brilliant pick. Grab a few of your favorites to give yourself some baking inspiration the next time you're in the kitchen.

Better bakeware can make spending time in the kitchen a whole lot more exciting. You can't beat Nordic Ware bakeware when you're trying your hand at creating the perfect Bundt cake or cake loaf. Don't forget to check out our selection of bread mixes while you're shopping with us too. They make baking a breeze even if you've only got limited time and dinner guests on the way.