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Espresso Machines For Specialty Coffee Making at Home

While many households can get by with a single-serve machine or classic drip coffee maker, most coffee enthusiasts will agree that these appliances won't unlock the full flavour potential of your coffee. If your coffee tastes are more particular, you'll love the espresso machines available at Williams Sonoma Canada. Browse to find premium manual or automatic models to add to your kitchen countertops.

Manual Espresso Makers

Add a commercial-quality espresso appliance to your kitchen to help you level up your barista skills. The manual machines in this collection come from bestselling brands like Breville and De'Longhi and are available in a variety of colour options, including sleek stainless steel, modern black or dramatic red. Most models include built-in coffee grinders that let you grind fresh beans to a fine powder to make your espresso drinks. Their 15-bar pressure pump systems help you to extract the maximum level of flavour from your ground coffee. You'll be able to manually adjust the water temperature, brew size and much more to get the perfect barista-quality beverage.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

Swipe through a menu of delicious espresso drink options with a fully automatic machine from brands like Breville, Philips and Saeco. Most of these premium espresso makers are equipped with touchscreens, making it easy to choose from preset options like espresso shots, lattes and cappuccinos. You can also add your own custom beverage settings for easy access. Once you've settled on a drink option, the machine will automatically adjust the grind level, water temperature and other settings to ensure optimal flavour extraction and perfect recipe ratios. Most even feature built-in milk frothers that heat and dispense milk according to your requested beverage requirements.

Espresso Accessories

If your espresso model doesn't include a built-in coffee grinder or milk frother, these accessories are available separately at Williams Sonoma Canada to help you complete your coffee station. The grinders allow you to make the freshest beverage possible, and the frothers add flavour and creaminess to specialty beverages. You can also find modern glass espresso cups to enhance your drink presentations. They're available individually or in sets of four and feature a double-wall construction that keeps your espresso shot piping hot while the glass stays cool to the touch.

Shop for espresso machines at Williams Sonoma Canada to start designing the ultimate at-home coffee station. Choose from a variety of manual machines with adjustable controls to help you create delicious beverages that are perfectly suited to your tastes. If you're a beginner or prefer a faster coffee-making experience, fully automatic espresso appliances are also available from bestselling brands like Breville and Philips.