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Raisenne Dough Riser

  • Skip the guesswork & enjoy a beautiful proof every time with the Raisenne Dough Riser. Using innovative technology, this microthin countertop plate features precisely calibrated heating circuits that create the optimal environment for proofing any type of leavened dough. Simply plug in the unit, place your bowl or pan on top & let the Raisenne do the rest. Bread dough rises to perfection in a fraction of the normal time.

    • Consistently reduces proofing time for leavened dough, with results in generally half the time.
    • Works with any fresh or frozen dough that requires rising – traditional bread dough, sourdough, pizza dough, sweet rolls & more.
    • Patented printed circuitry creates & maintains ideal temperature (85°F) for leavening dough.
    • Provides reliable proofing every time, regardless of room temperature, humidity & other variables.
    • Less expensive & easier to use than conventional proofing boxes.
    • Made of food-safe PET plastic.
    • Microthin design is easy to store.
    • Round is ideal for proofing dough in bowls.
    • Extra-Large is ideal for proofing dough in larger bowls, multiple bread pans, 9" x 13" or 7" x 11" pans, pullman loaf pan, baguette pan or any other dough container that fits on warming unit.