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Ooni Volt Indoor & Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • $1,199.95
  • Ooni's first fully electric portable pizza oven helps you throw great parties – indoors or out. Capable of reaching 850°F after just 20 minutes of preheating, it cooks Neapolitan-style pies in as little as 90 seconds. The innovative oven features adjustable temperature, time & balance controls that allow you to make any style of pizza exactly the way you like it. Integrated handles & simple plug-and-play operation make the oven easy to move & use. Just place it in a convenient spot in the kitchen or on the patio & get ready to enjoy world-class pizza in no time.

    • Portable all-electric pizza oven is designed for indoor or outdoor use.
    • Reaches 850°F in just 20 minutes.
    • Cooks authentic Neapolitan-style pizza in just 90 seconds.
    • Large 13" sq. cooking surface.
    • Cordierite baking stone locks in heat, cooking pizza crust to perfection.
    • Optional boost function restores pizza stone to top temperature quickly between pies.
    • Balance dial adjusts heat in top & bottom of oven once selected temperature is reached; ideal for cooking different types of pizza.
    • Simple plug-and-play operation.
    • Insulated glass door has aluminum frame & cool-touch handle.
    • Auto-shutoff function turns off oven after 45 minutes to conserve energy.
    • Modular design allows compact storage.