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Make your favorite summer treat from scratch with our guide, then get social and share your own favorite combos!

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Mix It Up

Mix salty, sweet, crunchy and fruity treats into your ice cream, or use
them to top off your scoops! Here are some fun and unexpected ideas.

Sweet Barks & Brittles
Caramel Corn
Chocolate Chips
Citrus Zest
Dried or Preserved Fruits
Fresh or Frozen Fruits
Fruit Jams

Savory Bacon
Nut Butters
Plain or Salted Nuts
Potato Chips

Spices & More Balsamic Vinegar
Coffee or Espresso
Dark, Syrupy Liqueurs
Flaky Sea Salt
Hot Chili Sauce
Maple Syrup
Multicolored Peppercorns
Olive Oil
Whipped Cream

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Frozen Desserts 101

Ice Cream Iced or frozen cream, or a combination of milk and cream, sweetened with sugar. Philadelphia-Style Ice Cream Quick and easy ice cream made from an uncooked base that doesn't include eggs. French-Style Ice Cream Ice cream made from a cooked egg custard that is chilled before churning. Sorbet Smooth, light dessert with no eggs or dairy, made by churning and freezing a sweet puree usually containing fruit.

Gelato Silky Italian frozen treat made with an egg-rich custard and less cream than ice cream. Less air is incorporated during churning, resulting in a denser consistency. Sherbet A cross between ice cream and sorbet, usually made with a fruit puree and sugar, and often containing dairy. Granita Dessert made by freezing a puree or liquid in a pan and stirring or scraping by hand to create an icy consistency.

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