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You'll find Vitamix blenders in top restaurant kitchens for good reason: 
they offer an unrivaled combination of power, versatility and performance. 
These innovative machines do it all, from whipping up healthy smoothies
  and nut butters to cooking hot soups and making frozen desserts.


Why Vitamix?

Perfect Precision

For the ultimate control, Vitamix lets
you precisely adjust the blade speed for
every task – from chopping and grinding
to pureeing and whole-food juicing.

Vitamix blenders are built to last,
featuring durable details like a metal
drive system and aircraft-grade
stainless-steel blades that create 
a powerful blending vortex.

Vitamix blending systems are engi-
neered to focus the power of their
commercial-grade motors so that
every component works together
with top efficiency




Vitamix streamlines everyday prep
with intuitive, user-friendly controls,
including convenient pre-pro-
grammed settings and a handy
self-cleaning feature.


Our Vitamix Lineup

Our Vitamix Line-Up

Ascent Series


Ascent Series

Meet your passport to culinary adventure.
Revolutionizing form and function, these
sleek, modern machines give you
the smart technology advantage, including
wireless connectivity, automated blending,
digital timers and an innovative
container-recognition system.


Classic Blenders

Classic Blenders

The Professional 750 Series combines
classic designs with easy-to-use dial
controls and convenient pre-set programs.
Great for big batches, these powerful
machines feature a 64-oz. container with
a low, wide profile that's designed to fit
under most kitchen cabinets.


Space-Saving Designs


Space-Saving Designs

Vitamix Personal Blenders combine the
professional performance of a full-sized
machine with a streamlined design that’s
ideal for on-the-go food prep. Each has two
blending containers: a 20-oz. for individual
smoothies to-go, plus a 40-oz. for prepping
small family meals.

Food Processor Attachment


Combine the power of your Vitamix blender
with the versatility of a large-capacity,
full-feature food processor. This
attachment quickly and easily transforms
your Ascent blender into a 12-cup food
processor for automatic chopping, mincing,
slicing, shredding, whipping and more.

Food Processor


Vitamix blenders maximize versatility with BPA-free Tritan containers in a variety of
shapes and sizes – from convenient to-go containers to full-sized pitchers designed 
for different kitchen tasks. Ascent blenders are compatible with containers featuring 
Vitamix's self-detect technology. Just attach your favourite one – the Ascent 
recognizes the size and automatically adjusts speed and power.

Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe App >

& Recipe App

Make the most of your Vitamix as a
healthy kitchen helper with their Smart
Scale and free recipe app. The kitchen
scale works in sync with an interactive
smartphone app to find delicious recipes,
guide you through them step-by-step,
keep you on track for nutritional goals,
create shopping lists – and lots more.


Blend Smart Scale

Vitamix Perfect

Classic Blenders


The Story of Vitamix

The Vitamix story began in 1921,
when William G. Barnard began
selling kitchen products door to door.
He introduced the now-legendary
Vitamix blender in 1937, skyrocketing
its popularity with the first-ever TV
infomercial in 1949. Today, the 4th
generation family-owned company is
a world-renowned maker of high-per-
formance blending equipment –
designed, engineered and assembled
in Cleveland, Ohio.  



Watch Vitamix in Action!

Watch Vitamix in Action – and
Get Inspired for Healthy Cooking!

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