About Silpat

The Silpat® story began in France back in 1965, when a baker named M. Guy Demarle invented the first nonstick baguette baking tray. Several years later, he created the original Silpat nonstick baking mats, which quickly became mainstays in professional bakeries around the world. Today, Silpat is pleased to introduce the Patisserie baking collection ‑ available exclusively at Williams Sonoma.

In 1965, innovative French engineer and keen cook Guy Demarle created the first non-stick baking mat, thanks to which, he rapidly acquired a reputation for the best baguettes in France.

Guy called the mats Silpat because of the unique silicone and fiber manufacturing process. The handmade process by which they are still made today, in France.

Having built our reputation amongst professional bakers, Silpat are launching an exciting new range of moulds for the domestic chef – in what promises to be the start of a French Revolution in Baking.

Liberté. Pâtissière. Bakery.

What Makes Silpat® So Good?

Branded and ready to bake for a lifetime!
Finishing: protects edges
Additional silicone layers for easy release and shape definition
Unique Silpat® silicone pressed and cut to shape
Mould shape
Unique fibre glass textile

More Reasons to Love Silpat®

Healthy and Fast Preparation
No greasing needed.
Easy to Cook
Even and perfect cooking results.
Easy to Release
Shapes come out perfectly without breaking.
Easy to Clean
Simply dishwash or wipe with a cloth – no scrubbing.
Easy to Store
No risk of damaging the mould.
Uniquely Made
Made with our Fibre en verre – a texture dipped in our special recipe of Food Grade Silicone.

Use and Care

  • To wash - simply wipe with damp sponge or gentle detergent
  • To dry - roll in tea towel or just shake
  • If grease builds up - soak briefly in diluted baking powder and water solution then wipe clean
  • No need to grease
  • Never cut on mould or mat
  • Never expose to naked flame or grill
  • Suitable for temps -40° to +500°F
  • Handwash or dishwasher safe

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