From carving knives to kitchen shears, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our wide selection of cutlery. Quality name brands from around the world give you the assurance of long-lasting cutting tools. Choose KitchenAid from the US, Germany’s renowned Wüsthof knives, and creative French chef Michel Bras’s collection of jewel cooking knives – just to name a few. Complement your knife selections with accessories including magnetic knife storage blocks, Chef’sChoice globally acclaimed knife sharpeners and Williams-Sonoma’s own brand of cutting boards.

Kitchen Knives

Our slicing and carving knives range from 4-12" for meat, poultry and fish cutting. Cheese knives with curved, semi-heart-shaped or wide blades are designed to slice through varying cheese hardnesses. Additionally, our fruit and vegetable knives, including KAI’s colour-coded citrus and tomato knives made of high-carbon stainless-steel, slice, chop, peel and pare fresh produce. Discover state-of-the-art ceramic knives made by Kyocera that will not react with foods and hold their exceptionally sharp edge up to ten times longer than metal knives. And find heavy-duty cleavers for chopping meats and vegetables as well as boning knives for cleanly removing meat from bones and cutting fish and poultry.

European Cutlery

Trusted names with long-standing European traditions translate to high quality and lasting cutting tools for you. Browse our selection of German-made knives by Wüsthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Nesmuk and Messermeister. From France, we offer the novelty and finest quality of Laguiole Jean Dubost as well as Laguiole en Aubrac and Michel Bras.